Does SPJ-3732: Supertramp / ...Famous Last Words Audiophile Series exist?


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Hi there, long time lurker but my first post - I owe a million thanks to all the contributors on this forum with such good information shared.

I've been scrolling through a number of Supertramp posts in the Hoffman forums and noticed there have been a couple references to
SPJ-3732: Supertramp / ...Famous Last Words… Audiophile series. I've researched online and can't seem to find any examples of this particular pressing, nothing on eBay, Popsike or even Discogs which I've found quite odd, especially when the catalog number has been referenced twice as far as I can see in those forums.

I'm a collector and Supertramp fanatic and I quite like this album (already have a first UK press) so have been looking for the audiophiles series if it in fact exists! Does anyone actually own one of these pressings in their collections?


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The only one I own is Breakfast in America, and I recall seeing Crime of the Century in the record bins back in the day. (I never purchased it since I already owned that on Mobile Fidelity.)

I've never actually seen SPJ-3732 in person, but since there was a catalog number listed for it, it must be a rarity if it indeed exists.

This was the list of titles I originally had many years ago. I forget the sources I used to compile it:

SPJ-4245: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass / Greatest Hits​
SPJ-4790: Herb Alpert / Rise​
SPJ-3601: Carpenters / Singles: 1969-1973​
SPJ-4568: Chris De Burgh / Spanish Trains & Other Stories​
SPJ-4658: Chuck Mangione / Feels So Good​
SPJ-3715: Chuck Mangione / Fun and Games​
SPJ-9020: Nazareth / Greatest Hits​
SPJ-4753: The Police / Outlandos d' Amor​
SPJ-4792: The Police / Reggatta de Blanc​
SPJ-4831: The Police / Zenyatta Mondatta​
SPJ-3730: The Police / Ghost In The Machine​
SPJ-4822: Split Enz / True Colours​
SPJ-4280: Cat Stevens / Tea for the Tillerman​
SPJ-4313: Cat Stevens / Teaser and the Firecat​
SPJ-4519: Cat Stevens / Greatest Hits​
SPJ-3711: Styx / Cornerstone​
SPJ-3719: Styx / Paradise Theater​
SPJ-4559: Styx / Equinox​
SPJ-4637: Styx / The Grand Illusion​
SPJ-3647: Supertramp / Crime of the Century​
SPJ-3708: Supertramp / Breakfast in America​
SPJ-3732: Supertramp / ...Famous Last Words…​
SPJ-4560: Supertramp / Crisis? What Crisis?​
SPJ-4634: Supertramp / Even in the Quietest Moments​
SPJ-5014: Supertramp / Brother Where You Bound​
SPJ-6702: Supertramp / Paris (2 disc)​
SPJ-4722: Gino Vanelli / Brother to Brother​


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Aren’t all of those Canadian pressings?
I have The Singles 1969-1973. Excellent sound.


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Aren’t all of those Canadian pressings?
I have The Singles 1969-1973. Excellent sound.
The titles were (oddly enough) distributed by A&M in Canada, but they were pressed in Japan by JVC, same facility that pressed Mobile Fidelity's LPs, using the same virgin vinyl formula (which was originally used on CD4 quad LPs, since it was more durable to handle the 38kHz carrier signal used by CD4). While Stan Ricker didn't master any of the A&Ms, the initials in the deadwax matched another Mobile Fidelity engineer, who I can't remember offhand.

The actual EQ changes for the mastering were left up to the label, though--A&M's were relatively untampered with, where MoFi was sometimes accused of boosting the lower and upper frequencies on a couple of their titles.


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Thanks Rudy. Yes, I've come across a similar list of these catalog numbers before but have yet to physically see a copy of Famous Last Words online or in person. I'm hoping this did in fact exist and is a hard to find record so I can finally find it one day. I do have a Canadian release on KC-600 vinyl on the way an expect that one to sound great (going by how my UK first press sounds). The collector in me must have this Audiophile Series version if it exists!

Thanks for your reply!
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