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Don Preston A&M albums reissued

Discussion in 'A Small Circle of Friends: The Music Forum' started by LPJim, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator Thread Starter

    Blues singer and guitarist Don Preston recorded two albums on A&M in 1968 and 1969 which have been out of print for many years.

    In Feb. of this year BLUSE (SP 4155) and HOT AIR THROUGH A STRAW (SP 4174 - Preston & The South) have been reissued on CD by the Big Pink label of South Korea. Both are packaged as mini LPs with cardboard sleeves.

    They are available on Ebay or, less expensively, on the label's website. This is good news for blues fans. Preston is not to be confused with Keyboardist Don Preston who was associated with Frank Zappa.

    For more information see:

    Big Pink Records Mini LP CDs | KPOP Online Store - catchopcd

  2. I have no information on these other than to issue "Be Careful" advice. The page in the link also lists the BUCKINGHAM NICKS album on mini-LP format. To my knowledge, that album has never been officially released digitally, so what you get from this site may be needle-drop knock-offs.
  3. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator Thread Starter

    Thanks. I read some reviews of Korean reissues on a link that didn't work when I posted it here. It was from Steve Hoffman, a music critic with an active discussion group. Comments are a mixed bag. Many were negative about editing omissions and excessive bass. Those who specifically mentioned Big Pink label were positive. Just now I recalled Big Pink reissued Joanne Vent's "SP 4165" in 2013. I've got this one and it sounds great. The original cover art and liner notes are intact also. Another Korean label, Si Wan, is unfortunately defunct. This was the source of CD reissues of the first two Strawbs albums.

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2017
  4. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Can't believe Canadian singer Joey Gregorash "North Country Funk" (1970) & "Tell The People" (1972) have been reissued on CD. I do remember the songs "Jodie" & "My Love Sings" (back when AM 630 CFCO "Classic Gold" in Chatham, Ontario played those songs) & the remake of Neil Young "Down By The River" (which wasn't played on AM 630 CFCO). Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  5. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention that AM 630 CFCO back then also played Joey Gregorash "Together (The New Wedding Song)" which was a Canadian hit back in 1987. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  6. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator Thread Starter

    Yesterday's mail brought a bubble wrapped package from South Korea containing the two Don Preston A&M album reissues. I ordered them directly from 'Big Pink' after noting the significant reduction in price (from $23 to $16.50 apiece). The sound quality is excellent, and the packaging is faithful to the SP 4155 & 4174 front and rear cover art. The sleeves are mini LPs with artistically compatible obi strips. A biography sheet is inside. img001.jpg img002.jpg img002.jpg Big Pink's label art is a replica of the house from the Band's MUSIC FROM BIG PINK cover. Nicely done & a fine addition for fans of blues oriented rock.

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  7. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator Thread Starter

    Additional image: inner cover sleeve from Big Pink & part of the CD.


    PS: accidentally uploaded rear cover of 'BLUES' twice & couldn't figure out how to delete the duplicate.

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  8. This would be the Don Preston that was in Leon Russell's touring shows (and also on the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour, I believe). I didn't know he had done solo albums - I certainly haven't come across any in my vinyl scrounging.

    He does a solo spot on the Leon Live triple LP, singing "It's Been a Long Time Baby" - a John Lee Hooker song. It's great.

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