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Eden Alpert on growing up in Beverly Hills


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Herb's daughter from his first marriage, Eden Alpert, now the director of Herb's jazz club and restaurant Vibrato, has been interviewed on the Apple podcast "Growing up in Beverly Hills". Born in 1966 and adopted by Herb and his wife at the time; Sharon, she is telling quite a revealing story about an upbringing that at times was not all too pleasant.

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This is Excellent and Eden is only one year older than me. Her story is very inspiring and encouraging very well done.


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Thanks. Quite interesting and telling. According to Eden, Herb divorced and had moved to Malibu in 1969 -- that helps to explain the trumpet playing issues (reported as being "technical issues", but I hazard to guess that an emotional driver underscored everything) he and Lani Hall detailed in the recent film. One thing is very apparent: Eden clearly does not hold her mother in high regard (candidly referring to her as "a raging alcoholic drug addict" -- oh, my!). I wonder why at some point Herb had security guards living in his house...

Fascinated stuff. Thanks again, Martin, for sharing.

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I wonder why at some point Herb had security guards living in his house
I don't think this is all that uncommon in major-sized celebrities' homes. Of course I don't pal around with too many celebrities but I've heard of live-in security.
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