1. lonely bull

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    Forgive me if this has been covered previously but did " El Bimbo " ever make it onto a album on CD?
  2. No. It remains a non-album track along with:

    The You In Me
    Whistle Song
    The Lady In My Life

    Other non-album tracks that have at least appeared on foreign compilation albums include:

    Mexican Drummer Man
    Fire And Rain
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  3. Steve Sidoruk

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    The 2nd version of The Lady In My Life was on the COLORS album.

    EL BIMBO (GP 281) was the title track of a Japanese compilation released by King Record Co., when they were A&M's Japan licensee. The record has '74 & '75 copyrights and the inside Japanese liner sheet has a '76 copyright.

    El Bimbo.jpg
  4. That's right! I HAVE seen that before (but don't own one). The first version of "The Lady In My Life" remains only available on the flip side of the "I Need You (Remix)" single.

    Oh - and as to the original poster's question, no - none of these ever surfaced on a released CD.
  5. Captain Bacardi

    Captain Bacardi Well-Known Member Moderator

    I do have "Lady In My Life" on one of those 3" CD singles as the so-called 'B' side to "I Need You".
  6. Wow, shall we rename this the "Harry's wrong again thread"?

    Geez, I thought I knew this stuff...

  7. "Fire and Rain" was in the Lost Treasures album.
  8. lonely bull

    lonely bull Active Member Thread Starter

    Thanks guys

  9. The original "Fire and Rain" is not on LOST TREASURES. The original has a different percussion mix and Herb starts with harmony open trumpets. On the remixed version on LOST TREASURES Herb plays with muted trumpet. The original surfaced on a UK LP compilation.
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  10. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator

    "Fire And Rain" was on the U.K. compilation, HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS PLAY THE STANDARDS OF TODAY. Hamlet was the U.K. mid-price line and also appeared in the Land of OZ.

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  11. But not on CD.
  12. AM Matt

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    Is that the remake of the late Michael Jackson's "The Lady In My Life" (from "Thriller")?? Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  13. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    By the way, I don't have the ones that you mentioned on vinyl or on 45 single. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  14. Captain Bacardi

    Captain Bacardi Well-Known Member Moderator

  15. "Fire and Rain", the original track, also appeared later on the MFP (Music For Pleasure) budget label in the UK on the same compilation re-titled THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU.


    We've previously discussed that these UK albums were the only stereo source for "Fire and Rain", even though the stereo is not all that wide to begin with. It's all rather "mono-ish".
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  16. Rudy

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    As is the You Smile album...
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  17. Bobberman

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    I remember seeing this particular Lp in a Drug store which sold imports and even occasional bootlegs along with regular Lps and unfortunately I was in grade school and had a limited allowance and it would have been a worthy purchase for fire and rain fortunately I was able to get a pristine copy of the single in 84 for a quarter and thankfully I preserved it to tape and now it's on one of my CDR MIX DISCS I'm so glad I taped all the 45s I later lost because at least I still have the music in some form.
  18. toeknee4bz

    toeknee4bz Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Herb and Randy would ever consider releasing an EP (on HAP) of all of these non-album tracks, plus perhaps the two alternate tracks from NOCHE DE AMOR.... also a few remixes... (hint, hint... :D)
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  19. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a HAP. Version of Lost treasures. That would be nice but I would say "Don't Hold Your Breath"! Just saying.
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  20. toeknee4bz

    toeknee4bz Well-Known Member

    Oh, I know. But I can't help thinking there are more than a few fans on here who might agree.
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  21. Bobberman

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    I also agree with you I was just trying to be realistic no harm no foul my friend
  22. I managed to track down a CD copy of "The Lady In my Life", only this one's on a maxi-single from W. Germany of "I Need You". It has four tracks:

    I Need You (remix)
    The Lady In My Life
    I Need You (12" mix)
    I Need You (Album Version)

    Catalog number: 390358-2

    I'd never encountered a 12" mix of "I Need You" either, so this serves double duty.
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  23. Captain Bacardi

    Captain Bacardi Well-Known Member Moderator

    I have the 12" single with those versions of "I Need You" on it. Can't say I cared much for the other mixes. The album version is the best.
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  24. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    It's over a year later, but since catching Harry in a mistake is such a rare pleasure, I feel compelled to point out that "Whistle Song" DID make it onto CD.... it was on Lost Treasures.
  25. Different recording...

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