El Bimbo ?

No. It remains a non-album track along with:

The You In Me
Whistle Song
The Lady In My Life

Other non-album tracks that have at least appeared on foreign compilation albums include:

Mexican Drummer Man
Fire And Rain
Thank you, I hadn't heard or had knowledge of those tracks until today!


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Sorry, but that's not correct. "El Bimbo" was a single, and appeared on several international compilation albums, but none of those were released in the US. Only the single. And never on official CD to our knowledge.



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Ooooh, I had no idea that Herb had covered "El Bimbo." I have a copy (original) that was done by an act called "Bimbo Jet." Cool song, but now I have to try to figure out where I can pick up a copy of Herb's cover!
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