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In caes anyone is looking for an upgrade, ELAC is having an outlet sale from their site:

Elac Outlet (USA Residents only) - Elac

ELAC, a German company over 90 years old, is best known today for having retained legendary speaker designer Andrew Jones, who was with KEF for decades before designing a line of speakers for Pioneer. While he has a broader line at ELAC than he did with Pioneer, the Debut .2 series provides a lot of value for the money, and are very reasonably priced. For a step up, the UniFi systems offer more performance. The outlet store has some of the current Debut and UniFi models available. They aren't on sale all that often, so this is a good time to get them. They also have a subwoofer and center channel speakers, for those looking to outfit a home theater.

They also resurrected the Miracord line of turntables--the Miracord 90 celebrated their 90 year heritage, while the lower models offer a good performance/price balance. A b-stock Miracord 50 is $374.98 in the outlet store.

The UniFi UB5:


The Miracord 50:

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