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Dear Mendes fans,

I obtained yesterday May 15th the Equinox CD ibn record store in Amsterdam , The Netherlands
at the price of 11,90 euro ( about 10 US dollars)!

This wonderful beautiful arrangend and produced crystal clear album wasthe
ever first recorded album on a eight recorder machine in the world!

As The owner of Sunset Sound at that time, mr. Tuti Camarata in an Billboard Special
(some 12 years ago) interview mentioned, it was the very first recorded album along with second the debut THE DOORS Elektra album in 1967 on the 3M eight track recorder.
Even the BEATLES Sergant Pepper was done on one four Track machine.
Recorded by legendary studio wizard engineer Bruce Botnick at Sunset Sound in Hollywood. Bruce Botnick was 21 years old at the time and made his marks in the recording field afterwards.

This record is according to my opinion one of Sergio Mendes & Brasils 66 best recordings with sharp piano playing by Sergio and elegant ensemble vocals by Janis Hansen and Lani Hall
and superb rythm section by João Palma, Jose Soares and Dave Matthews.
Herb Alperts side man, John Pisano played the fine supporting guitar.


Aqua do Brasil
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