🎵 AotW Eric Eden: GROOVING UP SLOWLY (A&M CD 5395)


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I am the Sun 4:37
Don't Cry out in Tears from the sky 6:08
Something Makes me want you 4:12
I'd Make you happy (if I could) 4:37
Soon After Sunday 5:29
Under the moon 4:48
I'm giving time 3:52
Carnival 4:47
Why are you hurting me 5:15
Black veil 5:03
For the moment we are blind 4:48
By the sea 6:19

Produced & arranged by Eric Eden (vocals, piano, synthesizers, guitar, tambourine)
Executive producer: Mark Mazzetti (cowrote songs with Eric E.)

Bob Corrado - bass guitar
Dave Anthony & Richie Rubini - drums
Carlos Alamar - guitar
Backing vocals - Dian Sorrel, Catherine Russell, Robin Clark, Fonzie Thornton

Ray Cooper - bells, chimes, shakers
Barry Danelian & Vincent Henry - horns
Steve Sidwell & Simon Gardener - trumpet
Colin Sheen - tenor trombone
Phil Brown - bass trombone
Phil Todd - alto sax
Stan Sulzmann - tenor sax
Lenny Pickett - sax

All songs copyright 1992 Virgin Music Inc./ Angelinasongs (ASCAP)
Basic tracks engineered by Hugh Padgham
Recorded at the Power Station "A" Room, New York, and at the Townhouse, London.
Assisted by Todd Whitelock and Pete Lewis

Art Direction & design: Rowan Moore
Design: Emilie Burnham
Photography: Frank Ockenfels

Rob Seifert - vocal recording
Eric Gast, David Dill, Jay Ryan & Brian Sperber - assistants
Jim Scott, Uldrich E. Wild & John Jackson - mixing
Anne Dudley - string & horn arrangements
Pete Lewis & Al Stone - assistants
John Temperley & Martin Astle - recording in London

Released July 1992

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