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Essential Collection Canadian price... Are they CRAZY??

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I've just been to HMV.com, the largest Canadian online CD store, and they are now taking orders for the Essential Collection box set. I was absolutely shocked when I saw the price... $115.99 CDN!!! That's $29 per disc, the highest price I have EVER seen for a domestic release. This is ridiculous.

I guess my decision has been made for me, and I'll be doing without this set. Unless Columbia House carries it, and offers it on one of their half-price sales... (sigh)

...on a tight budget...


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At the current exchange rate, $115.99 converts to $73.07 US. Which, actually, is not far off the mark of Universal's $18.98 gouge list pricing for single CD releases. How do Canadian prices look on single-CD releases in comparison?

Would it be cheaper for you to buy it from a US merchant?

That price is obscene. But not surprising. This is Univer$al's reply to being awash in red ink and blaming all their woes on internet piracy.

Columbia house, half.com, or any used dealer will likely have this set a lot cheaper after several months. Patience will reward the wallet in this case.

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