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    1 Little Girls 3:45
    2 Wind Me Up 3:35
    3 Kid Ego 4:02
    4 Watching, Waiting 4:54
    5 Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today) 4:49
    6 Teacher's Pet 3:01
    7 Big Boys Don't Cry 3:34
    8 Smoke Signals 4:13
    9 Flesh 'N' Blood 3:30
    10 Rock A Bye Bye 5:56
    11 Play With Me 3:38

    Entered the Billboard Top 200 on April 8, 1989
    Charted 32 weeks and peaked at # 80
    Issued as CD 5238


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    Yes, a hair metal band on A&M. :laugh: Their follow-up to this album, Pornograffiti, would net them both a #1 and #4 hit single.

    Lead singer Gary Cherone might seem familiar--he was the short, ill-fated vocalist for Van Halen, on their Van Halen III album, which was widely panned by fans and critics both.
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    I looked up the Van Halen III album on You Tube, and I listened to it pretty much in it's entirety just so I could say I had legitimately listened to it. Of course, this was a couple of years ago and I haven't played it since. Didn't really grab me. But to be fair, I didn't think it was as dreadful as the critics panned it. Long story short, it just doesn't sound like Van Halen. I have a feeling that if they had chosen another name for the band and recorded that album as such, the critique would've been a bit more positive.
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    I think everyone was probably expecting that same "magic" they had with David Lee Roth, or the Van Hagar sound (which was similar).

    I would have liked the last VH album with Roth (A Different Kind of Truth), but the recording quality was so poor that it made the whole thing unlistenable. They engineered it to have no dynamics whatsoever. It's a shame since there are some promising tunes on there, some supposedly left over from the old days.

    It was kind of like Calling All Stations--Ray Wilson was an able vocalist for Genesis, and brought some of his own songwriting skills to the group, but it lacked that same spark they had with Collins and Gabriel out front. I like a few tunes on this album as well, but I don't think it is anywhere near as bad as others make it out to be.
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