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Favorite Quadraphonic track

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Jeff, Sep 29, 2017.

Favorite Quadraphonic track

Poll closed Apr 29, 2018.

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  2. The Singles 69-73

    2 vote(s)
  3. Now and Then

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  1. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    My favorite track is ONLY YESTERDAY from our Horizon
    Second is the medley on NOW and THEN
    3rd the prelude to We've Only Just Begun on the Singles collection. Outta this world.
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  2. theninjarabbit

    theninjarabbit Well-Known Member

    I don't have the quadraphonics, unfortunately. Not sure where to look.
  3. I only own SINGLES 69-73, but I remember being bowled over with "Superstar".
  4. If anyone would like to hear, I have hosted a digital transfer of the CD-4 Quadrophonic version of Now & Then online.
    Obviously, as 48khz MP3s at 320kbps, not perfect, and never mind attempting to decode on a CD-4 Quad/surround system (it won't work below 88.2khz resolution), but otherwise OK for listening to these unique mixes!

    Now & Then [Quadraphonic CD-4]:

    1. Sing
    2. This Masquerade
    3. Heather
    4. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
    5. I Can't Make Music
    6. Yesterday Once More
    7. Oldies Medley - Part 1
    8. Oldies Medley - Part 2
    9. Oldies Medley - Part 3
    10. Oldies Medley - Part 4 / Yesterday Once More (Reprise)

    It's an album that always feels like a treat! The sweet harmonica on I Can't Make Music. The airy harmonies on Jambalaya. The strings on Heather. The echoeing on Yesterday Once More (Reprise).
    FYI: Anyone can download the playing file with a click of the download box right above the track info.
  5. Too bad there are some audio glitches with missing bits, like in "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes", one of Richard's words is gone.
  6. Well, it was the only scratch/skip on the album - that blip mistracks and skips regardless of the turnable it's played on.
    As far as I'm aware, that's the only discernible 'glitch' - the very end of YOM Reprise fades earlier than the stereo version and as it approaches the noise floor the very last 'so' drops suddenly in volume. It's an LP with one of the quietest noise floors I've ever heard, very little surface noise to me (a little static was inevitable). I'm sure it goes without saying that by having to split up the Oldies Medley into multiple parts, due to online file size restrictions, the audio stream might not flow absolutely perfectly between tracks.

    It was transcribed through a Garrard 401 turntable, with a Shure V15VxMR cartridge and a Mullard Valve Preamp, recorded through a 192khz 24 bit soundcard at it's native resolution/bit depth. The LP is otherwise in NM condition, complete with all Japanese inserts & OBI etc. Unless anyone possesses the elusive 4 Channel Reel-To-Reel tape, I'd say that this is as good as we're going to get!
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  7. Side note, a cool oddity in this Quad version can be heard at the end of Jambalaya - Karen exclaiming something I can't exactly make out, as if she was bewildered by something. As the last guitar note fades at about 3:33/3:34

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