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February 27, 1970 with Bacharach and a medley


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Hi all,

Has any of you seen any photos of Karen & Richard on this important date for them?
The only one I know of is this one (also in Ray Coleman's "Untold Story" book, 1st photo section) :

Karen & Gary Sims on Feb. 27, 1970

But I'm actually hoping to find any photos of their performance at the Century Plaza Hotel itself.
I don't need to wonder about what they played, because they both already explained it back in 1974:

This Bacharach piece must have been so special and dear to them that they kept it in their setlist for the next 5 years, first cut down to 6 tunes in 1970/'71 and then from 1972-'75 the full 8 songs. And I'm not complaining, because that is the one medley I just can't get enough of. Apparently K & R thought the same thing, still including 2 songs of it in their 1980 "Music Music Music" TV special.

I did find something rather remarkable in the Los Angeles Times' radiolisting from that date:

Radio Listing L.A. Times, Feb. 27, 1970

Both Bacharach and Carpenters had some sort of a special on KRHM. Kind of remarkable I think, since Karen & Richard only had one 45 out at that time, which wasn't as big as their follow-up single. But then again, maybe KRHM really dug their music and thought they should get some extra promotion for their performance later that day. Who knows? They might have played tracks from their Offering album with comments?

Anyway, the whole Reiss benefit concert is usually mentioned in one or 2 sentences only, but should anyone like to know what that evening was all about, here's an article about what was to be expected:
Golden Key Foundation's Winners' Circle Ball, from the L.A. Evening Citizen News, February 19, 1970

Photo of Burt Bacharach with above article (Feb. 19, 1970)

Photo of guests that evening (Valley Times, March 4, 1970)

And then a few days after this big event, Karen & Richard and the band were up in Squaw Valley to shoot a promofilm for their single "Ticket To Ride", on Karen's birthday :)

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