Found a couple of 12-inch Sergios and The Real Thing*

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  1. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator Thread Starter

    While trolling eBay a week or so ago, I spotted a seller with two different 12-inch records of Sergio Mendes from the '80s.

    One was "Voodoo" (A&M SP-12068), which had a "specially remixed version" on one side and an instrumental version on the other side.

    The other one was "Dance Attack" (A&M SP-12103). This one had a "Club Mix" on one side, and a "Dub Mix" on the other.

    I was never overly fond of "Dance Attack", but I like "Voodoo" in its various incarnations (or is that 'incantations'?).

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  2. arlisvd

    arlisvd New Member

    interesting ..great to have all of this for our Collection!!
  3. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    Voodoo was one of the most intrigueing tracks sergio did at the time I never knew there were 12 Inch versions of anything by sergio until now I still enjoy those occasional instrumentals he did. In the 60 s and onward. But im happy you found some more treasures.
  4. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator Thread Starter

    From the Brain Cells Dying Off Department, I came home for a short trip to find a latest eBay purchase awaiting me. I'd seen the item and bought it rather quickly - not realizing that I'd bought this very same "Voodoo" 12" single a year ago. I had no memories of it at all. When I went to start a thread here extolling its virtues, I found that indeed, I'd purchased the same record AND posted about it a year ago.

    The newer one is in nice shape - I haven't had the heart to check the older one...


  5. Rudy

    Rudy ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Site Admin

    Wow...I had that 12" since it was first released. I stumbled across a used promo in the discount bin at Car City Classics IIRC.
  6. Brasil_Nut

    Brasil_Nut Well-Known Member Moderator

    My favorite 12-inch was "The Real Thing" by Sergio Mendes & The New Brasil '77. Bought it back when it was released. Just about played the grooves off of it. Don't recall what was on the B-side, but I think it was an instrumental.

    Whatever the case, it was awesome.

    Jon...the "Brasil Nut"
  7. Rudy

    Rudy ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Site Admin

    We should probably change the thread title. I keep thinking of this little Sergio dude, about a foot tall... :D
  8. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator Thread Starter

    Listening this morning to THE NEW SERGIO MENDES AND BRASIL '77 album, I got to "The Real Thing" and thought about the 12" single that I never got and had never heard.

    So I looked it up on YouTube and there are a couple of iterations of it there, and I gave it a listen. To me, it didn't seem all that different from the album version, so I started a comparison using Audacity.

    Laying the 12" tracks down first and then the album version underneath, I could see the difference in length immediately. The 12" runs close to 6 minutes and the album version runs 4:43. After a slight speed adjustment, I tracked the two simultaneously and they stayed together all the way through, with the album version fading out sooner.

    There's a section of "doot-doot-oot-doo-doos" at the end that seems to be repeated on the longer version. I can't tell if it's looped or a real extension. Anyway, with some editing and repetition, one can make the long version from the CD master.
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  9. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    I was never a fan of "disco Sergio," but "The Real Thing" is one of my favorite songs from that era. It's catchy. My real faves on the New Brasil '77 album are the instrumentals, especially "Mozambique." I always like any Sergio song with wordless vocals in it. That'd make a nice playlist, actually....wordless-vocals songs. [[ heads off to computer room ]]
  10. TulitaPepsi

    TulitaPepsi Active Member

    I really like this "extended mix" of "The Real Thing". I've always thought the album cut was way too short.
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