Frank DeVito, R.I.P.

Another BMB great has left this is so sad my deep Condolences to his family and I too will be honoring his memory with my own Binge listening of BMB music.
I’ve been reminiscing through Frank DeVito interviews and his bio is immensely impressive. He spent 7 years with BMB. His discography with the jazz greats is a dream. I stumbled on this video featuring Frank. It's not great quality but I had forgotten about it and it’s a gem.

Since they're my two all-time favorite bands, the loss of any 'real' TJB or BMB member is always hard to accept. I'm glad that Frank
DeVito's work with the Baja Marimba Band, the Julius Wechter Quartet and the Tijuana Brass is preserved on recordings for all to enjoy.
He even sang the lead on the non-album track, BMB version of "The Wall Street Rag."

I wish it would have been arranged for Frank to come on the Forum to discuss his long career and answer member's questions, as Julius
did so delightfully all those years ago.

Here’s Frank on a podcast. He mentions getting an extra $1000 from Julius for singing on Winchester Cathedral. Unfortunately, the hosts have no idea of, or any interest in the Baja Marimba Band. Some interesting stories from Frank nonetheless.

Frank did pop in here privately about 6 years ago. He agreed to let me interview him. I recorded the interview and then abruptly move from San Diego to Texas. One of may projects in the coming months is to transcribe it and post it here. My plan was to edit out certain passages, but I'll be less inclined to do that now that he has passed. He basically had a few unkind things to say about some people in the BMB but over time those comments won't matter especially since much of it has since become common knowledge. One thing that surprised me during the interview is he mentioned that he, Katzman, Mel Pollan and one other surviving BMB member all still played and often hung out together. I wasn't sure they were alive at the time, so imagining hanging out watching them jam would've been an amazing experience!

--Mr Bill
That would be great to hear! Most of his interviews lean heavy on his jazz playing. It would be nice to hear someone interviewing him from a BMB fans perspective.
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