🎷 AotW: Jazz George Benson - WEEKEND IN L.A.

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Captain Bacardi

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George Benson
Warner Brothers Records 2WB 3139

Released 1978

Peaked at #1 on the Jazz Album chart; #1 on the R&B Album chart; #5 on the Billboard 200 Album chart

"The Greatest Love Of All" peaked at #2 on the R&B singles chart; #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
"On Broadway" peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart; #2 on the R&B singles chart
"Lady Blue" peaked at #39 on the R&B singles chart

"On Broadway" won a GRAMMY for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance

Produced by Tommy Li Puma

1. Weekend In L.A. (George Benson) - 7:21
2. On Broadway (B. Mann/C. Weil/J. Leiber/M. Stoller) - 9:55
3. Down Here On The Ground (Lalo Schifrin/Gale Garnett) - 4:57
4. California P.M. (George Benson) - 6:59
5. The Greatest Love Of All (Michael Masser/Linda Creed) - 5:23
6. It's All In The Game (Charles Dawes/Carl Sigman) - 3:50
7. Windsong (Neil Larsen) - 6:04
8. Ode To A Kudu (George Benson) - 7:17
9. Lady Blue (Leon Russell) - 3:30
10. We All Remember Wes (Stevie Wonder) - 5:37
11. We As Love (Ronnie Foster) - 6:43
George Benson - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Phil Upchurch - Rhythm Guitar
Ronnie Foster - Keyboards
Jorge Dalto - Acoustic Piano and Keyboards
Stanley Banks - Bass
Harvey Mason - Drums
Ralph MacDonald - Percussion

Recorded live at The Roxy in Hollywood, Sept 30th, Oct 1st and 2nd, 1977.
Recorded and Mixed by Al Schmitt
Remote Facilities: Wally Heider Recording
Additional Recording: House of Music, West Orange, NJ
Mixed at: Capitol Recording
Assistant Engineer: Don Henderson
Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab
Production Assistant: Noel Newbolt
Additional String Ensemble Arrangements: Nick De Caro

Art Direction: John Cabalka
Design: Brad Kanawyer
Neon Lettering: Charles Di Bona
Cover and Innerspread Photography: Tom Bert
Back Cover Photography: Jim McCrary
Musicians Inset Photography: Fred Valentine

Available at Amazon.com (with song samples): http://www.amazon.com/Weekend-L-Geo...&sr=1-1&keywords=george+benson+weekend+in+l.a

Capt. Bacardi

Captain Bacardi

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This is one of those albums that I wanted to really like but just never could get there. Obviously, the big hit here is "On Broadway" which is a pleasant enough tune, but it just goes on waaay too long. They really didn't need the drum/percussion solos at the end. I do like his version of Neal Larsen's "Windsong". I've mentioned before how I never cared for Benson's vocals, and his singing on this album didn't really help the cause. It's an okay album but it won't blow anybody away.

Capt. Bacardi
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I originally bought this one on vinyl after hearing 3 instrumentals from it used as sign on/ test pattern music on one of our local tv stations back in the mid 80s( the songs were in this order 1. Weekend in L.A 2. We All Remember Wes. 3. California PM.) And i discovered Windsong to be another favorite.along with the rest of the album. you may think im odd but much of the Jazz instrumentals in my collection.were used by tv stations. ( in many cases PBS stations) as sign on/Test pattern music. This was long before All TV Went 24/7 in the late 90s/early 2000s
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