Geri/Dodie Stevens current TV interview from 2019


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The great Brasil 77 vocalist at 73 still looks great and her voice sounds as young as ever per this recent August 2019 interview shown below.

It made me recall October 1970. I had just turned 21 and wanted to get away from my college studies for a weekend, and Las Vegas beckoned. Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme at the Sands Hotel were fabulous. And a topless show entitled "Latin Fire" at the Thunderbird Hotel was fantastic. But the surprise of my stay in Vegas was that first night. I walked over to the Stardust Hotel and I saw a beautiful singer with a fantastic voice and her name was Geri Stevens (not Dodie back then.) I thought Wow what a great talent and great musical future she has. It wasn't until many years later that I finally made the the connection that Geri and Dodie were the same singer and that Geri from Vegas in 1970 was the same singer in 1972 singing with Brasil 77. And so several years ago via email I shared my fond memories of her fabulous singing in Vegas in 1970 and later in 1972 with Brasil 77 on the Primal Roots and Live at the Greek Theater albums. She was delighted to go down memory lane with me and fondly recalls singing in Las Vegas and has great memories working with Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77. Today Dodie believes in songs with positive uplifting messages. Now that's something I can believe in. And so 49 years later from October 1970 to October 2019, thanks for the memories Dodie and God bless.

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