Going Thing documentary! (Maybe)


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Synchronicity strikes again (the story of my life): I posted on FB that I had found a previously unknown *third* Going Thing LP (it arrived yesterday, I may upload stuff to YouTube), and amazingly a friend posted I should get to know a friend of hers, whom she insisted was the world's leading expert on the group Janis was in. We *did* connect and amazingly, this guy got interested when he won a bunch of old commercials on film on eBay and they turned out to be the handiwork of Russ Mayberry, who directed the Going Thing specials and spots, and a lot of Going Thing material was included. This guy has managed to track down and interview most of the surviving members from both iterations of the group, including the great Bahler Brothers, and there is at least going to be a Zoom reunion which he hopes to post to YouTube, but also a possible documentary!
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