Happy Birthday, Herb!!


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It's hard to believe that Mr.Alpert is 87(EIGHTY SEVEN) years young! Enjoy your day sir(or what's left of it, for I am writing this at 8:08 pm)! I hope Mrs.Alpert and the rest of your family threw you a big celebration at your jazz club Vibrato! On my job, I had my co-worker Carlos play your music in honor of your special day! Thanks again for your great music and all that you've done for the arts and entertainment worlds via A&M Records and your philanthropic foundation The Herb Alpert Foundation.

God Bless you, but to be honest with you, I think and believe He already has! Again, Happy Birthday Mr. Alpert!

bob knack

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How time passes. As a youngster, my first purchase was the Mexican Shuffle 45. Then, a gap until I heard A Taste of Honey on the radio and purchase of the Whipped Cream LP. Then backtracking, I got the first three LP's. A bit later, I rode the Irving Park Road trolley bus up to six corners to Sears Roebuck's (Chicago) to buy the much anticipated Going Places pretty much the day it came out. And so on. Seems like yesterday. Thanks for the memories.


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Just rewatched Herb Alpert Is...tonight and am again reminded as to just how much of a treasure you've been in my life and in the lives of countless others.

Happy Birthday Herb!
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