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Happy Birthday, Richard!


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I remember as a kid sending him a birthday card for his 46th....where does the time go. And some of you guys will remember him turning 24!!!!


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Happy Birthday, Richard Carpenter !
I met him at Epcot 1985. A real treat to meet him in person.
Only Yesterday--his composition-- remains my all-time favorite song.
Top of the World is close behind it. Goodbye to Love is close behind it !
Only Yesterday is my favorite song ever.
I met Karen and Richard in Valley Forge when Only Yesterday was #4 on Billboard Top 100.
I rode my bike to the Valley Forge Music Fair to see them.
Happy Birthday Richard.


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Happy Birthday, Richard, and thank you for sharing your talents with the world. You are one of the greatest arrangers and producers of popular music in the history of music. You composed some wonderful songs. Yesterday Once More is probably my favorite song of all time. You're not a shabby piano player either!
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