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Heard Carpenters

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Dave, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    ...--Play at the $ Dollar Tree $ just as my wife and I entered the store...!

    The song? "Top Of The World", and another customer even sang/hummed along with it... Should'a told her about this Site...!

    Too bad the song following it was Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music,--...--Boy"...! :shake:

    --Which my WIFE sang along to...! :laugh:

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  2. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    I heard "Goodbye To Love" on Thursday before Feb. 4th and "Close to You" on the next Thursday, both on NHK FM. I forgot to turn on the radio to find if the DJ played something for Karen's birthday.

  3. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    A couple o' Flashbacks of hearing Carpenters long ago when radio/store Muzak systems played 'em, waaaaayyyy back when...:

    "For All We Know"--actually thinking back about the time Long Ago, probably after getting it as the B-Side to "We've Only Just Begun" '45' when it played in a store (and I forget which one it was) and of course sounded so good hearing Karen's lilting voice and the longing nature of this track... (see Finest Vocal Performance) Maybe it was the shop (actually a Consulting Firm) I was working at, but I do remember hearing this one just as I entered the store like "Top Of The World", while everyone was just shopping, going about their business working and pausing to hear that great voice and this marvelous tune...

    "Sing"--the chorus of the childrens' "La, La, La, La-La..." over the speaker at the small Saltwater Taffy store (not the bigger Factory) in Maine... Think I was too busy shopping for this to take hold, and was hardly a fan o' this, 'least back then, anyway...

  4. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    I don't believe "For All we Know" was ever the b-side to "We've Only Just Begun" unless it was some kind of latter day "Memories"-type 2-fer release.

    "For All We Know" was the a-side single that followed up "We've Only Just Begun".

  5. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Well, yes, the "We've Only Just Begun" single was a Memories-series release... The first ever Carp's '45' I've ever bought, as "We've Only..." received enough radio-play that I was so sold on it...

    I do remember the flip side being "For All We Know" as well, and not being as familiar to it 'cept prehaps hearing it even further back when it had just come out, I had probably hesitated to play it just to find it rewarding and of course instantly recognized and equally enjoyed it... Sad to learn what, a couple years after this "discovery" of the Carpenters, after buying this record would hold...


    --With a couple other Carpenters songs "I heard", but of my own doing, as far as playing is concerned...!!! :nut:
  6. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    I heard Carpenters on WHNN, WLITE-FM, KOLA & KOMA this weekend. (Just after I heard Carpenters on KOLA, I changed channel to KOMA, and I heard last half of Carpenters song. Almost like in '70s!! Richard and Joan talked about Carpenters on two radio stations in interviews.)
    Last year I heard Carpenters on XM-Radio on May 10th.

    All were "Only Yesterday" on American Top 40.
    I heard AT 40 every week when this song was at chart. It's good to hear Casey Kasem announce Carpenters again.

    When I noticed that AT 40 this week is May 17, 1975, I found that I missed "Only Yesterday" on KFRC.

    You can hear "Only Yesterday" on radio, when you can find net radio stations or radio station that are going to play AT 40 May 17, 1975 today.

  7. Actually, this is not so much Heard Carpenters than " Saw (Karen) Carpenter"

    She appears for about a second (!) in the closing credits of Olivia Newton-John's Live DVD - the one she did last year with the Sydney Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. The closing credits had the usual credits 'words' (about who did what) on the right hand side, while the left hand side had a small 'screen' with photos and videos - Karen appeared briefly when they flashed the Olivia Hollywood Nights Sequence - they showed the various artists who appeared with ONJ like Karen, Andy Gibb, Cliff Richard et al.

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  8. goodjeans

    goodjeans Active Member

    Casey Kasem was Karen' neighbor at Avenue of the Stars. :D
  9. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    I heard "I Won't Last A Day Without You" and Olivia's "If You Love Me Let Me Know" on KFRC last weekend.

    I thought I missed "Rainy Days And Mondays" on XM radio last week, because I couldn't be at computer. I just know that I cannot hear XM radio any more. I was going to listen to "Only Yesterday" on XM radio.

    Olivia's DVD has a photo of Richard and Olivia, too. Olivia had the photo at the show opening video, but at my DVD Karen was cut off.
    The video and photo that Calvin mentioned were at DVD and concert.

    Off topic,
    Does anyone know when Burt Bacharach's live will be released?

  10. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    While travelling from Tampa to Orlando in Florida a few weeks ago, I founf this station on the FM dial:

    WDUV - The Dove (Wikipedia entry)

    WDUV (Station Website Music Page)]

    They played a lot of what we used to call soft MOR tracks, and though I didn't hear any Carpenters during that hour, it felt like the kind of station that would air them.

    Yesterday, a radio industry email crossed my desktop at work listing WDUV as the number one station in Tampa. That's a good trend, showing that there are still a lot of people who like this type of music.

    Now, I'm sure it skews toward the older side of demographics, and we all know that Florida has a large elderly population - still I found the fact that it's the number one station in Tampa to be quite interesting - especially because it's not even a Tampa-proper licensed station. The city of license seems to be New Port Richey, a little North or Tampa.

  11. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    I don't know the radio station, but I have read something about Olivia and Barry Manilow in Tampa. Olivia fans sent requests to WDUV.

    I heard "Rainy Days and Mondays" on KODM about 1 hour ago.
    WFLZ from Tampa,
    WHYI from Florida,
    Mix 106.5,
    Star 104,
    Power 92,
    Murph Radio,
    Q102 or
    B104 may be playing Carpenters this weekend to Monday, if they still exist.

  12. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    I'm hearing Carpenters on KFRC again. "Rainy Days and Mondays"!!
    This time with Casey Kasem's announcement of #2.

  13. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    "Reason To Believe" from Close To You on CD in someone's Boom Box though the CD case was nowhere in sight and the CD was spinning at too many RPM's to confirm if it was the Original Album in there... (Maybe it was one of the discs from the From The Top Boxed-Set???) :?:

    The person who owned the boom box said it was "Karen Carpenter", as opposed to "THE Carpenters", when I expressed interest in the song and acknowledged the title as well as the album it was from, and it was "someone else's disc" in there, so who knows...?

  14. Some days ago, I was visiting a friend and he was listening to WDR4 (West German Broadcast Channel No. 4), which has a focus on oldies in German and English language. And suddenly, they played JAMBALAYA! I couldn't believe it, because if I ever hear Carpenters on German radio, it's around the Christmas time with MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING.

  15. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    While eating breakfast in a local diner on Sunday, we heard "Top Of The World" on the music system. The music selection seemed very female-vocal-heavy for some reason.

  16. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    XM-7 played the 5th anniversary show of "American Top 40" last Saturday, and on THAT show, Casey Kasem replayed the very FIRST broadcast of AT40 from 1970, which featured "Close To You" somewhere in the top 10. The song was still on the rise at that point. It was pretty cool to hear the Carpenters introduced as a "new" act once again.
  17. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    Mike, thank you for the information about XM radio.
    I heard Richard mention he remembers how "Close To You" were on chart. Was it at No. 8 on July 11, 1970?

    I could hear "Close to You" at No.1 on XM radio, Casey Kasem's American Top 40 last year. Casey talked about Bacharach and David.

    Last week I heard Casey talk about Jack Daugherty, how he started to produce Carpenters :sad: on radio WHNN.

    I posted to another thread about Top 40 July 25, 1970, I heard "Close To You" several times at net radio Saturday and Sunday.

  18. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    This morning I happened to see Katsuya Kobayashi on NHK TV. He was at A&M stage with Carpenters in August 1981 for Japanese TV, he also narrated Carpenters Special.
    He hosts program for kids who learn English. Karen and Richard's photo taken by Annie Leibovitz was shown. He explained that job sometimes became sir name like Carpenter. He said he met Karen two months before she passed away. "We've only just begun...Goosebumps! How extraordinarily great Karen's vocal was!" Then played a part of "We've Only Just Begun" with the earth rising from the horizon of the moon, then Apollo video from NASA, and '60 or early '70s like animation of lovers.

    Was it true that he met Karen in 1982?
    Carpenters were to be in Japan for TV programs in December of 1981. But canceled.
    Carpenters were to be in Japan in 1983.
    I wonder if Japanese TV station sent Kobayashi to the U.S. for TV program ad. in 1982.
    Or he mixed up two years with two months?

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  19. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Yes, "We've Only Just Begun" on the radio on my way home from work playing on the Oldies Station which used to play Big Band and picked up where my old Oldies station which turned into a Country Station (after endless plays of "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft) had left off... ("My Disco's gone Western", I once said...)

    Luckily I was on the freeway and the traffic was moving at just the right speed...!:cool:


    --And it was radio-play of this song long ago which got me to buy my PINK-LABELED MEMORIES '45' of "WE'VE ONLY JUST..." B/W "FOR ALL WE KNOW...!!! :jester:
  20. Rudy

    Rudy ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Site Admin

    Last time I had XM7 on earlie this week, they played "Only Yesterday".
  21. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    I just heard "Yesterday Once More" on WHLG. Charlie Tuna played this as #3 on this day of 1973. #5 was "My Love" and he aired interview with Paul. While he was playing #4, a door phone rang and I couldn't hear what Charlie said before "Yesterday Once More", or I'm not sure if Charlie aired an old interview with Karen. :twisted: Why did NHK man visit us after 8 pm?

  22. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    "Top of the World" on WHLG! :love: I heard Olivia Newton-John's "Please Mr. Please", too.

  23. Dave

    Dave Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    What a religious listening experience, an aural epiphany or an ear candy hosanna "Yesterday Once More" can be...! Haven't heard that on the radio for at least a couple years...

  24. Harry

    Harry Charter A&M Corner Member Moderator

    Well, shoo-be-doo lang lang! Must've been something going on today. We heard "Yesterday Once More" too on the diner's music system at breakfast today. That's two weeks in a row we've heard Carpenters' tunes there.

  25. SakuraSYayoi

    SakuraSYayoi Active Member

    You can have breakfast at a nice diner, Harry!

    I just heard "My Love" on WLJY. I'm sure I can hear "Yesterday Once More" again in a few minutes.


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