Heard Carpenters

For the third weekend in a row, we heard Carpenters playing on the music system in our local diner. This week it was "We've Only Just Begun".

Heard "Only Yesterday" this morning at the local shopping centre (Norwest, Sydney Australia). Started to worry that Carpenters have been relegated to background music in shopping centres, but they were followed up by John Lennon's "Woman" - which tells me that the C's are still right where they belong - in the company of genius!
My wife and I were at an event in South Bend, IN a couple of weeks ago. I heard "We've Only Just Begun" over the PA in the foyer and then in the bathroom. :)
I heard "Yesterday Once More" again! On WUPE, this week the chart date of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 The 70's is August 4, 1973.

"Solitaire" on WUPE and KCEZ 2 weeks ago,
"Goodbye to Love" on WUPE a week ago,
"We've Only Just Begun" on WHLG today. Just before "We've Only Just Begun", I heard very short interview with Paul Williams, probably done in '70s.

"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" aired on TV for the first time here (Sydney, Aust) last Saturday night. Got a kick to hear Shonen Knife's cover of Top of the World from the "If I were a Carpenter" album, playing in the background. Impressed my non-Carpenter-oriented housemate (read "No class" housemate) no end!
I'm hearing American Top 40 '70s on WOGL now. They are playing 1971 songs. Now #14. I'm sure I am going to listen to Superstar soon.

A few hours ago I tried to hear a net radio, I couldn't hear, but the latest play list had "Close To You".

Last weekend I heard "We've Only Just Begun" on KCEZ.

...97.5 NOW here in Valley Forge, PA has Carpenters quite often so I keep the station on all of the time at work.
Does anyone ever (admit to) listen to Delilah? Every year during the Christmas season, her national radio show plays all Christmas music starting in November. The interesting note is the show always plays the 1970 version of Merry Christmas Darling, not the 1978 version. Most holiday music stations play the 1978 version (which I prefer.).
While flying home yesterday from Orlando to Philly, the US Airways audio programs listed two Carpenters songs in their selections. "Superstar" was among the soft rock offerings and "Merry Christmas Darling" was included in the Christmas channel's line-up.

There was even a picture of the duo on the audio listings page!

Harry's post reminded me of two memories.
One was about three years ago. My family and I found audio program of Shinkansen, the bullet train, had 4 songs from "Singles 1969-1973".
Another was in my sister's VHS. Just before release of Karen's solo & live at Budokan, Japanese morning show featured Carpenters. A guest/actor mentioned that he heard "Close to You" at jet plane audio program.

Yesterday my daughter was watching TV. The program played parts of "Top of the World" and "Sweet Sweet Smile".

Here's a tip for those of you who like to listen to radio stations online:

Tomorrow morning, as I'm informed by the DJ, Andre Gardner, WMGK, on its Breakfast With The Beatles show will feature Beatles songs covered by others.

Since this is in the Carpenters Forum, naturally, one would expect to hear something like "Help" or "Ticket To Ride", but not on this show.

Andre informs me (he pre-taped the show) that he used the little-heard track of "Nowhere Man" featured on AS TIME GOES BY.

So if you want to hear "Nowhere Man" in a radio setting, check out the Breakfast With The Beatles show Sunday morning at 7 AM EST. That would be Noon, GMT, I believe. It's a two-hour program, and I believe that Andre said that the Carpenters track would air in that first hour.

The "Listen Live" link is at www.wmgk.com, or try this one:


Note: We're a Classic Rock station, so playing Carpenters is not typical. It's probably the first Carpenters track aired on this station in over a decade!

Though I missed "Nowhere Man", I heard several Beatles songs and covers this weekend. One of net radios always plays the Beatles when I tuned in.
And I heard Saun(SP?) Lennon's "Julia" live version a week or so ago. I love it. He said he dedicated it to his Mom and started to sing. Singing 'Ocean child(Yoko). I always wondered when John wrote it, before or after he met Yoko. I googled, and someone wrote that he wrote around the time he met Yoko.

"Sing" was playing on THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS while one of the girls in the movie was working at the "Wallman's" store...

At least I heard that climactic trumpet part in it when the scene came on, but I tried to hear the rest of the song which follows, and couldn't because by then the dialogue of the actors/actresses came on...

I heard "Hurting Each Other" with other 1971/1972 songs like "Without You" and "American Pie" on CFN Europe this afternoon. After Carpenters Casey Kasem said, "Listen carefully. Sounds a little bit like Karen Carpenter is singing again." and played "Don't Say You Don't Remember" by Beverly Bremers. I heard this song for the first time. I didn't think she sounded like Karen but she sometimes sounded like Akiko Kobayashi to me.

I am hearing another net radio now. Olivia Newton-John is to appear at the end of this hour.

SakuraSYayoi said:
...and played "Don't Say You Don't Remember" by Beverly Bremers...

I always loved that record. I have a 45 of it somewhere.

At our local diner this morning, we heard Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun" on the piped-in music.

I can remember wanting Karen and Richard to remake 'Don't Say You Don't Remember' back in the mid 70's. I do think that Beverly Bremer and Karen sound similar in intonation on 'I'll never love anyone else' and 'how can I go on living' as she hits the low alto notes.
Today, at the most upscale mall in Denver: "Postman" sandwiched between Kelly Clarkson and Cobie Calliet (sp?). Sounded great!
Dollar $ Stores must love Carpenters...!

It was last Saturday, that "Sweet, Sweet Smile" was playing at Dollar $ Castle and there was at least one customer singin' 'n' boppin' to it, as I was swingin' 'n' shoppin' to it...!


--Who was playing the "air steel guitar", too! :laugh:
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