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Heard Carpenters


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Just heard “Top Of The World” on myFM 104.9. Sounded like a remix from between 85-97, but the vocals really sounded pushed to the front, almost as if it was a radio-only mix and not one that’s been released on CD.


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I heard Top of the World playing at Home Depot about a month ago.
And I wanted to share this: About 11 or 12 years ago during the holiday season I was listening to the radio in my car. The host Delilah played Home for the Holidays. I won't forget after it played she said 'She has a pretty voice, doesn't she?'.

AM Matt

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Unfortunely, they don't play The Carpenters on 1400 AM & 104.1 FM "The Bay" in Pinconning & Bay City, Michigan though BUT it is the only "Soft Rock" or "Adult Contemporary" station in my area. I guess it's a thing of the past. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
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