Heard Carpenters

There’s so much going on dynamically in the arrangement and recording, that, the “mono” almost gives it a Spector-esque kind of feel. The timpani drum (played by percussionist Gary Coleman) really helps to accentuate that. In fact, a little too much so, that one will notice when comparing the ‘72 (album) mix with the ‘73 (single) remix, the timp was left out of the remix in spots, as it was a little more than was needed—particularly in the first chorus. I touched on this a little in the Legacy book discography.
Should I say this = (SPOILER about the Lucy O'Brien biography) - O'Brien claims that Karen had a strong say and pushed some of the sounds and dynamics on Hurting Each Other. We generally think of Richard as the sole craftsperson of these sounds. Officially, it's also Jack Daugherty, but I doubt that, on the whole. No reason why it wouldn't have been Karen, as well.
After a break of probably forty years since hearing Carpenters on the radio in Australia, (although I've seen them on TV most years, for the last five or six years), I've heard 'Top of the World' twice in the last couple of weeks, on Coast FM. It's been the US single mix, not the version that was Number One here, which was the album mix.

I also saw the soundtrack CD for 'Muriel's Wedding' recently, with 'We've Only Just Begun' on it.
On Sirius XM The Blend today…heard “I Won’t Last a Day Without You” with the extra piano interlude at the end from whatever album that came from….but it led into Bad English “When I See You” which was an odd transition. But nevertheless it was Carpenters on the radio which I always enjoy.
That modulation piano figure was also retained on the UK's THE NATION'S FAVOURITE CARPENTERS SONGS CD.
On AT40 53 years ago this week, Close To You @#1
for the 2nd week in a row! The SiriusXM 70’s Channel played Rainy Days and Mondays about 20 minutes before the show started too.
I got to hear that! I was anticipating, just maybe, they'd be up there. I'd convinced myself, "they'd be in the top 10, the song dropped from #1 by then" -- but there they were at the top. Great stuff.
When I saw Toto in concert a few months ago, I heard a cover version of Superstar in the hotel (not Sonic Youth’s). Couldn’t believe they’d favor a cover over the original.
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