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HERB ALPERT IS... (Documentary and Box Sets)


I have placed an order for the CD boxed set with Amazon UK. I will also purchase the Vinyl edition purely because it is something special.


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I will probably spring for the box set. Would like to have both but finances will not allow.

Why all the hatin’ on Facebook? (Unless you’re like one of my friends who keeps getting her account hacked.):D


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I kinda agree with Rudy, though you cast Google cast FB video to your big screen.YouTube can also be annoying but it is easier to manage.

I just came across the “companion” cd or vinyl and booklet for “Herb Alpert Is...”. Quite expensive and though I am a major fan of his music and have all of his releases in cd or digital formats, I’ll pass as I cannot afford that outlay.. Odd to say that because I am a completist.

Really would like remasters/rereleases of remaining 80s albums and alternate stuff (releases in nin US markets, alternate versions of songs,, and songs in which he was an artist on another artist’s tune).
I couldn't agree more. I have all of Herb's domestic output from The Lonely Bull on up through Over The Rainbow, and all of the domestic compilations so far. But when I saw Amazon list a price tag of $ 322.98 for the 3 lp box set, I just about fainted. Now I've just seen Steve's message above showing a price of $ 261.58, which is a big drop. But that's still a lot of dough for my outlook.
The CD version will supposedly have the booklet as well, probably a bit smaller, and IIRC Amazon had it listed for $ 99.99... yet a chunk of change even at that. However, that would be a lot more affordable for collector purposes IMHO. Still not ready to jump on it just yet, but I would like to get hold of it someday.
Now, with all of that having been said... I DO want a copy of the documentary DVD if it's affordable.

Just my two cents.


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Amazon's price will drop, no doubt. It's when the set is available that we'll see the true pricing for these. And watch closer to the holidays--retailers often have store-wide discounts that apply to just about everything for sale.

I would need the LP version if I ever bought this--the CD booklets these days are way too difficult for me to read, even wearing the readers.


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Vinyl set will be U.S. only, so you'll need to get it imported. Don't delay - limited to 2,020 sets!
Thank you, Steve. LIMITED production explains the ultra high price tag for the vinyl. Still not going to pay that kind of money for it, but at least now I understand.

I think I'll take Rudy's advice and wait for the CD version to come down in price. Then I'll nail it.


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We should be glad this isn't one of those silly Super Deluxe editions where it has three CDs of music, seven CDs of studio outtakes, demos and poorly recorded live gigs, and three DVDs of nearly identical concerts and a couple of official music videos scattered among all three so you can't watch them all in a row. Or Super Ultra Deluxe Premier Platinum set that also includes the above but with five LPs of the music and twelve of the outtakes, etc.., and BluRay discs that mirror the DVDs.

Exaggerating of course, but so many of those box sets out there now are pure silliness and from personal experience, I barely make it through two or three of those demo/outtake tracks before I put something away and never listen to it again.

Mike Blakesley

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Here is the text from that article, in the inevitable situation when the link goes dead sometime in the future.

Documentaries & Other Delights: Inside the Herb Alpert Film

Legendary trumpeter Herb Alpert has been part of John Scheinfeld’s life for a long time. “My mom had all of the Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass albums and would play them and dance around the house,” he recalls. “I have a very strong memory of that when I was 8 or 9. It was happy music.”

Now, a few decades later, the Emmy Award-winning director behind documentaries like The U.S. vs. John Lennon and Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary is bringing that sense of joy to the screen with Herb Alpert Is..., out Oct. 2 on video-on-demand.

As the doc reveals, Alpert is multilayered. The leader of the mariachi-influenced Tijuana Brass band has sold over 72 million records; as co-founder of independent label A&M Records, he worked with The Police, Janet Jackson, Cat Stevens and The Carpenters, among others; as a philanthropist, he has bestowed millions of dollars on music education at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Harlem School for the Arts; and his paintings and sculptures have been displayed around the world.

“It’s clear he is many different things to many different people,” says Scheinfeld, who met Alpert when he interviewed him two years ago for a forthcoming Sergio Mendes doc. Shortly after, Alpert, 85, who had declined previous entreaties to document his life, invited Scheinfeld to the Malibu, Calif., home where he resides with his wife of 46 years, Lani Hall. Scheinfeld laid out his vision for the film, to which Alpert replied on the spot: “We’re ready.”

In addition to footage from The Tijuana Brass’ heyday in the mid-1960s, Alpert sat for seven days of interviews. “What surprised me was how grounded he is,: Scheinfeld says. “The last day, he went around and shook hands and hugged every member of the crew. That’s who he is.”

The film — featuring comments from Sting, Questlove, Quincy Jones and others — will be distributed by Abramorama, which is working with theater chains to hold virtual screenings. The same day that the doc arrives, a companion box set with 63 Alpert songs will become available in two different configurations (one including 180-gram vinyl). Though completed before the coronavirus lockdown, the film is a panacea to the pandemic and fractured political landscape, according to Scheinfeld. “This is uplifting, inspiring, fun and nostalgic,” he says.

“Here’s a guy who lived his life the right way. He didn’t throw televisions out the window or have drug problems, and then when you consider the philanthropy, [he] deserves to be celebrated.”

A version of this article originally appeared in the Sept. 19, 2020, issue of Billboard.
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