Herb Alpert & Lani Hall at the San Diego County Fair June 13, 2018


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I saw a terrific Herb & Lani show at the San Diego County Fair right next the racetrack in Del Mar. This is a beautiful location where Burt Bacharach has his annual summer stay for the racing season at Del Mar.

The show opened with video screen showing the new video of "It's a Wonderful World" with Herb and Louis Armstrong and then Herb came out and performed "What Now My Love." A nifty arrangement as Lani and the band hummed the the high notes you heard from the mandolin on the album version. I like that song. Lani came out and sang "O Pato" in Portuguese. Very nice. During the show Herb performed "Fly Me to the Moon," "Rise," "Something," "Michelle," and "Puttin' on the Ritz."--the show's finale. Lani sang "Night and Day" and "I've Got You Under My Skin" which segued into pianist Bill Cantos excellent scat singing. Herb had a great medley of hits such as the "Lonely Bull," "Spanish Flea," "Tijuana Taxi," "Whipped Cream," "Route 101," "Mexican Shuffle," and "Taste of Honey," as the video screen had video clips of the old TJB performing. Lani had a great Brasil 66 medley as the video screen showed the old B66 album covers and Lani and Janis performing from the Hollywood Palace show and the Jerry Lewis Show, and two versions of "Mas Que Nada"--one from the Eartha Kitt Special and the other with the two dancers and the band performing in the "jungle." She sang "The Look of Love," "Upa Neguinho," "Laia Ladaia" with the opening words flashed on the screen in Portuguese, "Like A Lover," and "Mas Que Nada," where she invited the audience to sing along.

As is the custom at their shows, Herb asked if the audience had any questions. In my lifetime I was always very curious whether Lani had any favorite songs from her days with Brasil 66, and so I asked if she had any favorites. She said she could not pick favorite songs. Lani commented that she had the highest praise for the music of Edu Lobo and Antonio Carlos Jobim. I was real happy to have gotten her feedback.

Herb during the show wisely mentioned that our memories and music are closely linked to a time and place in our lives. That's how I have always looked at it. Good music always creates a picture in my mind of a time and place.

Herb and Lani have said in the past that they want to perform positive, uplifting music. In that regard they have succeeded magnificently.

Mike Blakesley

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From the reviews, their show seems to be getting better and better. I sure wish they'd release a video of it.

Or come back to Montana. (Somebody please drop a hint to a promoter somewhere!)
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