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🖼 Gallery Herb Alpert Longboxes

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Here are the remaining Herb Alpert solo longboxes that I have in my collection.




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And, looking at the Herb/Hugh back cover one is reminded of the number and caliber of jazz artists Mr. A put on his label. A little later - Max + Dizzy: Paris 1989 a double CD From Dizzy Gillespie and Max Roach.


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My Herb Alpert Long Boxes: Going Places, Under A Spanish Moon, Fandango, What Now My Love, Greatest Hits Vol. 2, Classics Vol. 20, Volume Two, Herb Alpert/Hugh Masekela, Classics Vol. 1, Solid Brass, The Beat of the Brass, Foursider, South of the Border, The Lonely Bull, Whipped Cream, Keep Your Eye On Me. Plus, 23 other A&M artists.
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