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Herb Alpert on myspace

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I assume this has already been brought up, but this isn't really Herb Alpert, is it? It seems like it has too many mistakes (calling Whipped Cream Re-Whipped Whipped Cream Remixed and calling the Tijuana Brass the Tijuana Brass Band) to be from him. He also doesn't seem like he'd have any interest in having a myspace page. Oh well, at least it's some more exposure I guess.

Mike Blakesley

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I don't think ANY celebrity pages on Myspace are by the real people...most are just low-rent fan pages often badly done or are constructed by the star's management or agency, or some other assigned person. The Sergio Mendes page is a good example (it was put up by his son).

Nathan Strum

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I think it's just a simple typo.

It's probably just some guy who's really fond of a particular brand of shampoo.

"Herbal Pert".

Sorry. :rolleyes:


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...And I'm up for another Bowlful of PRINCE ALPERT'S CHERRY VANILLA :bandit:

Dave :tongue:
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