Herb Alpert Performing on solid gold hollywood

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    Hi guys i just saw on youtube a video with Herb performing on solid gold Hollywood it says in the description it was from 1982 but i think its from 84 as i can see some of the Tijuana brass members from the tour he Did in 84.Do anyone knows from wich year??
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    I remember that episode. I used to like to watch SOLID GOLD;it was a very entertaining show. Anyway, that episode was from the summer of 1984, when Herb reunited the Brass(old and new members) for a summer reunion tour.I believe this appearance on the show was basically a promotion for the tour.
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    I noticed John Pisano, Julius Wechter, and Nick Ceroli were in the video even though Nick was hidden behind the drums I had a feeling this was the 1984 TJB ( albeit a very brief reunion) and thanks for the confirmation
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    Bobberman...you're welcome!
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    That was the Bullish tour...
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