Herb Alpert Presents Pete Jolly


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I tend to agree with the above, but find both of the first two albums equally good. SEASONS is a difficult listen for me.


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I think Give a Damn! (his second A&M album) has some great playing and is probably my favorite of his 3 A&M outings. The only thing I find wrong with it is the "fake" applause overdubs Rudy mentions and the fact hat is has a very short running time. It could've easily held 2 to 4 more tunes.

--Mr Bill
Definitely--I think it clocked in around 25 minutes...? Definitely less than 30 minutes. The record could have fit another six minute track on each side.

Reminds me of how Gino Vannelli's Crazy Life debut record only clocks in at just under 24 minutes. Yet it has nine tracks to it. Big surprise just now--Qobuz has it available in a 24/96 download. Very surprised since it was unobtainium on CD for decades (it had a brief release, then disappeared).
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