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Here is a list of officially available Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass titles for sale at Amazon. All links are clickable, and your purchases help support A&M Corner. Note: Out of print recordings are sometimes available from Amazon Marketplace sellers, and are suffixed [OOP] below. Other out of print recordings or non-available recordings are noted below.

These are the Tijuana Brass albums, in chronological order. The original album CDs in print are available in the Herb Alpert Signature Series on the Shout!Factory label. Compilations are listed in a separate section below.

The Lonely Bull
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, Vol. 2 [OOP] *** @ iTunes
South Of The Border
Whipped Cream & Other Delights
Going Places
What Now My Love
Sounds Like
Herb Alpert's Ninth
The Beat of The Brass
TJB Christmas Album
Warm: no CD release *** @ iTunes
The Brass Are Comin' [OOP] (Japan CD release only) *** @ iTunes
Summertime: no CD release
You Smile--The Song Begins: no CD release (select tracks on "Lost Treasures", remixed)
Coney Island: no CD release
Bullish [OOP]
Lost Treasures (TJB rarities and unreleased tracks)

*** These titles are available exclusively as downloads. Click the "@ iTunes" link to view each album. (Updated 2/6/07)

The most recent Herb Alpert project is a remixing of the classic Whipped Cream album:

Whipped Cream & Other Delights: Rewhipped

Herb Alpert's solo recordings are listed here:

Just You And Me: no CD release
Herb Alpert/Hugh Masekela [OOP]
Main Event Live (w/ Hugh Masekela): no CD release
Beyond [OOP] (Was available as a Japan import CD)
Magic Man [OOP]
Blow Your Own Horn
(Alternate 1) (Alternate 2) [OOP]
Wild Romance [OOP] (was available as US CD)
Keep Your Eye On Me [OOP]
Under A Spanish Moon [OOP]
My Abstract Heart [OOP]
North on South St. [OOP]
Midnight Sun [OOP]
Second Wind
Passion Dance (CD)
Passion Dance (DTS) [surround version--requires DTS decoder]

The following are some selected Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass compilations:

Definitive Hits
Classics Vol. 1 (TJB) [OOP]
Classics Vol. 20 (Alpert solo) [OOP]
Greatest Hits [OOP]
Greatest Hits Vol. 2 [OOP]
Solid Brass [OOP]
Foursider [OOP]
A&M Gold Series (Import)
A&M New Gold Series (Import) [OOP]
The Very Best of Herb Alpert (Import)

Herb Alpert Videos (DVD):
Herb Alpert: Live at Montreux 1996


There are numerous companies selling either pirated copies of these albums, or legal releases from countries where copyright protection has expired (which would be only the earliest TJB albums). Some pirated versions are carefully produced and look almost like the real thing, and are commonly found on eBay. For the latter, some of the product out there is made from needle drops and is of extremely poor quality.

We strongly recommend avoiding both.

You are far better off sticking to official CD releases, or the original vinyl which sounds the best (provided you can find a clean copy, of course).

We also recommend against buying downloaded MP3 versions due to the MP3 format having poor sound quality with unlistenable artifacts that ruin the enjoyment of the music. If you still insist on utilizing substandard MP3 files, please purchase from reputable sources.
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In case anyone hasn't noticed yet, I have taken these links and put them into our A&M Corner Store, pretty much "as is" from the list above. The same items are also listed in the store at tijuanabrass.com. I intend to keep this list available for future reference, and simultaneously keep the Store updated with current product as well. PM me, or one of the staff, if there are any corrections or additions to the list. Thanks!
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