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Herb Guests on "Barry McGuire & The Doctor"

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Here's one with an uncredited Herb appearance, previously unknown, on "South Of The Border," first track on album, "Barry McGuire & The Doctor," produced by Lou Adler
available here: Barry McGuire & The Doctor: Barry McGuire & The Doctor CD
I haven't heard the album, so I can't tell you if it's worth the price of admission. :wink:

Also to be found here is the Rita Coolidge/Kris Kristofferson album "Full Moon," with another Herb guest appearance, "A Song I'd Like To Sing."

Real Gone Music - News - KRIS KRISTOFFERSON & RITA COOLIDGE Full Moon (Expanded Edition) CD

Apparently this is the first this album has been released as a CD. For Rita fans, there is also a live album to be found. Apparently recorded and released by A&M's Japanese affiliate at the time. Real Gone Music is helmed by Gordon Anderson, previously at Collectors' Choice. I did work with him on the much earlier Baja Marimba Band compilation.
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