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Herb &Lani Infinity music hall Hartford

Discussion in 'The Beat of The Brass: Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass' started by Joe Gifford, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Joe Gifford

    Joe Gifford New Member Thread Starter

    I just purchased my tickets for 4/28 hartford ct xfinity music hall april can not get here fast enough.
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  2. Is Herb doing a full tour next year, or just this one show?
  3. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    He's got a half-dozen or so dates listed in February and March on his website. (www.herbalpert.com, click on "Tour") But he seems to be in perpetual touring > recording > touring mode right now so I'd bet on more dates being added. I'd love to go to one of those shows in Honolulu - they're happening next week!
  4. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator

    It's actually INFINITY HALL, where they opened their "In The Mood" Tour in October, 2014. There might be dates in Boston and Providence. There are 1 or 2 venues in New Jersey, which also have had tix on sale.
  5. Nothing near me on that list yet. :sad:

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