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Herb & Lani's New Band and 2022/23 Tour Dates

I thought for sure I would have to travel to Chicago to see Herb and Lani perform again but lo and behold they are performing in my backyard (sort of) at the Royal Oak Theatre - was able to snag 2 Second row seats for the September 20th show. Looking forward to hearing them both backed by the new band. Tickets still available...
HERB! LANI! A little closer to Montana sometime please! (I realize the locations they play are up to promoters, not the duo, but they really ought to come to Billings or at least Helena. There's a good jazz vibe there.)
Bill is a busy session player, so it's most likely their schedules did not mesh.
I'm also pretty sure Bill Cantos was close to Mike Shapiro and perhaps continuing to play with Herb, Lani and Jiffry withOUT Mike Shapiro, may hve been too much to handle at this time. I KNOW I'd feel that way.
Poor Mike. I know a few musicians worked with him quite a bit, and they are still a bit shaken by his passing.
I was glad to have met Bill briefly at the Seattle gig a couple years ago. Seems forever ago, with all that's happened since then! I told him he needed to get back into A&M Corner - he told me he hadn't been here for awhile. Hope he finds time to get back in at some point.
Show reports welcome! 👍 That is my travel time of the year so I can't commit to anything from about the 2nd week in September onward.
Just saw a Herb Tweet that the show scheduled for April 1st at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts has been rescheduled for March 12th, 2023! Is that an ominous sign of other re-bookings to come...?
With the pandemic approaching "endemic" status, I'm guessing it was more of a logisitical change than a virus-related one.
Does Herb always play with that mute now? And if so, why? It changes his sound to be completely different from his recordings, He played almost the whole show with it in Seattle when we saw him. It was the only thing I didn't like about that show.... it didn't quite sound like Herb, until the very last song when he took the mute out.

I'd still go see them again, though, mute or no mute.
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Bill Cantos, Lani Hall, Herb Alpert, Hussain Jiffry & Tiki Pasillas - July 31st show at the Katherine Hepburn Theatre in Old Saybrook, CT.
I was their great show! Tho I loved Mike Tiki wasn’t bad!!
He actually added a new dynamic dimension to the group!
I'm a little late to the party here. Saw Herb and Lani and their awesome backup band (with Bill Cantos) at the Cahn Auditorium in Evanston, IL. (north side of Chicago) in September of 2022. TREMENDOUS show! Might be my favorite of the 3 shows I've seen. That's saying a lot because they were all top notch!
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