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🎶 Pick a Dozen Herb & the TJB: Popular hits from 1962-1970

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In our continuing Pick A Dozen series, we're going to give you the opportunity to create your own Greatest Hits album! Pick twelve of your favorite popular TJB hits, from hits that charted to popular tunes the band is known for. (Don't worry--we're doing another Pick A Dozen for the "sleeper" songs that are our personal favorites, which weren't necessarily hits.)

My own choices weren't too difficult. I am a fan of the TJB's original Greatest Hits album, but always felt that a few songs didn't belong there, like "Never On Sunday" (a song I have never liked, no matter who has done it). And any TJB anthology has to end with "Zorba!" 😁 And if I split the list up into two 6-track album sides, "Lollipops" inevitably has to end side 1. It was hard eliminating "Sentimental" and "Whipped Cream," but adding "So What's New?" and "Lollipops" were more to my liking. Almost like the original Greatest Hits, my picks are primarily from the first five albums, which after five decades of listening to them, still remain my favorites. (My "sleepers" for the next Dozen-series post pull more from the later albums, as many were penned by the "insiders" like Sol Lake, Julius, John Pisano, etc.)

Here's my dozen, split into two album sides (and yes, I still sequence many of my own compilations into album sides):

A1 The Lonely Bull
A2 Spanish Flea
A3 South of the Border
A4 A Taste of Honey
A5 Mexican Shuffle
A6 Lollipops and Roses

B1 Tijuana Taxi
B2 So What's New?
B3 What Now My Love
B4 America
B5 Love Potion No. 9
B6 Zorba The Greek
For this exercise, I dug out my old Billboard Countdown of the TjB's charted hits, and whittled it down to my 12 personal favorites. These remain in the order of the countdown based on peak chart position.

A1 Zazueira #78
A2 Carmen #51
A3 Tijuana Taxi #38
A4 Wade In The Water #37
A5 Flamingo #28
A6 Spanish Flea #27

B1 Casino Royale #27
B2 What Now My Love #24
B3 The Work Song #18
B4 A Taste Of Honey #7
B5 The Lonely Bull #6
B6 This Guy's In Love With You #1

I limited myself to 45s (As or Bs) and placed them in chronological order:

A1 The Lonely Bull
A2 Mexican Shuffle
A3 A Taste Of Honey
A4 What Now, My Love?
A5 Flamingo
A6 Casino Royale

B1 Wade In The Water
B2 A Banda
B3 Cabaret
B4 Zazueira
B5 The Maltese Melody
B6 Jerusalem
From the "Scandinavian angle" my list would look like this:

A1 A Taste Of Honey
A2 Spanish Flea
A3 Mexican Shuffle
A4 So What's New?
A5 The Work Song
A6 America

B1 A Banda
B2 This Guy's In Love With You
B3 Whipped Cream
B4 Tijuana Taxi
B5 The Happening
B6 Ratatouille

Except for "This Guy" hardly any of the TJB singles charted in Norway. It was different with the albums of course. This list is based on airplay from the Norwegian state radio channel NRK. The only one available in Norway during the 60's.

- greetings from the cold, snowy, christmasy north -

This is tough but my Greatest Hits compilation would involve multi disc affair but nevertheless I will pick my favorites that may partially resemble Both Greatest hits volume 1 and 2 and maybe a surprise or two thrown in
A1 The Lonely Bull
A2 America
A3 Mexican Drummer Man
A4 Mexican Shuffle
A5 Whipped Cream
A6 Spanish Flea

B1 What Now My Love
B2 Flamingo
B3 Wade in The Water
B4 Thanks for the Memory
B5 Zazueira
B6 Jerusalem
Keep in mind this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface by any means but this is a fun little experiment though
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