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Captain Bacardi

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Herbie Mann
Atlantic Records SD-1522

Released 1969

Peaked at #1 on the Jazz Album chart, #2 on the R&B Album chart and #20 on the Billboard 200 chart (1969)

"Memphis Underground" peaked at #42 on the R&B singles chart and #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (1969)

Produced by Tom Dowd

1. Memphis Underground (Herbie Mann) - 7:07
2. New Orleans (Frank J. Guida/Joseph F. Royster) - 2:05
3. Hold On, I'm Comin' (Isaac Hayes/David Porter) - 8:52
4. Chain Of Fools (Don Covay) - 10:42
5. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Traditonal, arranged by Herbie Mann) - 7:12
Herbie Mann - Flute
Roy Ayers - Vibes, Congas (5)
Larry Coryell - Guitar
Sonny Sharrock - Guitar
Miroslav Vitous - Bass (3)

The Memphis Rhythm Section:
Reggie Young - Guitar
Bobby Emmons - Organ
Bobby Wood - Electric and Acoustic Piano
Tommy Coghill - Bass
Mike Leech - Bass
Gene Christman - Drums

Recording Engineer: Tom Dowd
Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky
Back Liner Photo: William Albert Allard
Album Design: Graffiteria

Available at Amazon.com (with song samples): http://www.amazon.com/Memphis-Under...binding_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1358908504&sr=1-1

Capt. Bacardi


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I think this was the first Herbie Mann album I ever owned, close to 40 years ago, but I no longer have it and haven't heard anything from it in ages. I remember liking it a lot for a while, though. Very striking cover design.

Mike A.

AM Matt

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The late Henry Mancini also did a remake of "Memphis Underground" (from 1972 "The Mancini Generation") but it is not on CD though. Matt Clark Sanford, MI


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One of the first Herbie Mann albums most everybody bought! I love the band playing on the back cover (though the photo is rather haphazardly scatter-shot) and up above is a Bryant heater!

Five songs in the appropriate length & song selection, w/ the right elements of jazz, rock and R&B in each tune...!

There really needed to be a "commemorative" repackaging of this while it had reached its milestones of the twenty-to-forty-years that it had existed as the standard Atlantic edition is rather plain & luckily albeit my first vinyl being a "Sound Saver" edition it played great for an LP reissue...

-- Dave


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The song basically has a good chugging beat that Herbie gave his other originals like 'Oh, How I Want To Love You'...

Sounds just as good 'Mancini-ized' (Isn't that Plas Johnson there?--Oh, no... Jerome Richardson, actually!) as it does as Mann's original!

-- Dave


The second track is Stan Kenton's "Eager Beaver" with Jimmy Rowles on electric piano and a too short solo by Victor Feldman on vibes. One of my favorite covers of a Stan Kenton classic. I belive the third track is the theme to "The Mancini Generation." Would love to see this album on CD.

AM Matt

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By the way, I haven't heard of Herbie's version of "Memphis Underground" or haven't listened to it or bought the album.:hmmm: Matt Clark Sanford, MI

AM Matt

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Just heard "Memphis Underground" (song) on YouTube. Great, but I liked Mancini's version. Matt Clark Sanford, MI


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We definitely need to make Henry Mancini's The Mancini Generation one of our future albums of the week! Great songs, great grooves, great musicianship & great musicians!

(Larry Carlton, Jimmy Bond, Plas Johnson, Jerome Richardson, Ronnie Tutt!)

For those who think "Hank" is just 'Peter Gunn', 'The Pink Panther Theme', 'Baby Elephant Walk' and 'Charade', there's tons more to him than that!

-- Dave

Mr Bill

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I love his theme to the 1975 TV series The Invisible Man (starring David McCallum)...

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