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Herb's TJB Volume 2 is now a Christmas album....?

Mike Blakesley

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We're having an open house today at my work, so I was looking on Amazon Prime for some Christmas music to create a playlist from, and ran across an "album" called Christmas Things by Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass. I figured it would just be a knockoff of the standard Christmas album, but no....it's Volume 2, all nice and repackaged with a picture of some ice skaters on the front. And resequenced too...they put "Surfin' Senorita" up front.

Well I guess anything can be a Christmas album if you play it at the right time of year....

Oh Goodness Gracious Passing off Volume 2 as Christmas music. It seems Whoever created this has either terminal Brain Damage or something file this under : "What were They Thinking???
Once upon a time there was weeping and gnashing of teeth because "VOLUME TWO" wasn't a digital release. Now it's easily available AND pirated as a Christmas album. (!)
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I seriously need to get a collection of all of these "whipped cream" covers and display them somewhere in the house. 🤣
Don't forget the Soul Asylum's legendary. And silly "Clam Dip and other Delights" when I first saw it I thought at the time " either these guys were fans of Herb or they were doing it for humor or possibly both. Just guessing but we will probably never know the motivation behind these whipped cream covers. But no doubt it's an iconic album mostly for the cover in this context
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