Here She Comes


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I don't get the bruhaha. It's clearly some cat laying down a steady, straight 4/4 back beat (with a little 8/8 syncopation on the high-hat...but that may be an overdub). That's about as common as it gets for pop drumkit playing. As was previously said, it's miked/EQd to be tight and snappy -- not like those big open wooden drum kits of the '60s (Elvin Jones anyone?).

Aside from the drum sound, the technique is no different than Idris Muhammad on Benson's Footin' It where he parks an unwavering 4/4 with a slinky 8/8 on the ride: check out Idris' locking in at 1:33 to mark the vamp for George's solo.



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Sonically, it’s too polished and slick for my liking. These modern production techniques don’t do it for me. It sounds sterile. 😴 It was also probably recorded to a click. I still love ya though Herb!


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Sonically, it’s too polished and slick for my liking.
I can say that about so many albums, and it's probably why I never warm to them.

Yet there are other modern recordings that are clean, yet they are organic and natural sounding. It depends on the target market, I guess. Something destined for $mooth Jazz radio is going to sound different than, say, an album on the ECM Records label that is cleanly and naturally recorded.
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