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I am delighted to join you all on the A&M forum. As I was born in 1956, I started the trumpet when I was 10 and grew up and listened to the music of H.A. When I tore myself from the tutor books, I would learn to play the hits of the Tijuana Brass - what a great way to learn intervals, key signatures and of course the Tijuana style. Thanks Herb - I went on to become a professional freelance trumpet player here in the UK and even appeared with my own 'Tijuana' style band on a TV talent show when I was 18. I saw Herb when he appeared in Bournemouth with his new band in 1974. It is great that the forum and YouTube are keeping the sounds of the Tijuana Brass alive.

One question - Tonni Kalash was 2nd trumpet, but what was the name of the trumpet player on some of the videos before Tonni, or when he was not there?

Best wishes to you all.


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That other second trumpet player was Art Mooshagian...or some variation of that spelling. He was there before Tonni Kalash and made some of the earlier TV appearances.
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