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How many Carpenters LPs / CDs do you have total?

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Wayne Crozier, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    I'm interested to find out how many lps or cds fellow fans have in their collections I would guess that most on here have what I call the basic collection of 13 studio, 1 greatest hits and possibly the two live albums on vinyl making 16 approx?. But am interested to find out how many members have totally including for example numerous pressings of the same releases?. When I get a chance I'll count mine!.
  2. First count: 315 albums and videos, plus many singles.
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  3. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I can't count that high.
  4. ars nova

    ars nova Active Member

    HOW is that possible ?!?!
  5. First one, then another, and another. After 314 "anothers", you end up at 315. :)
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  6. K.C. Jr

    K.C. Jr Well-Known Member

    I have right around 24 vinyl albums and about 30 CDs.

    In both, there are some repeats, such as two Live At The Palladium and Made In America LPs. I also have two Singles 1969-1973 CDs, and the 1969-1981 reissue.
  7. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    I am quite frankly amazed by that Harry!, have I read it right 315 albums???, not 31 albums?. How in the World can anyone get to such a tremendous figure ? I'm astounded and my jaw is still dropping as I type this. Please give me some basic details?. Have you got 30 copies of 1969 - 73 ?. I do admit to have 4 copies of Song for You, Horizon and 1969-73 making twelve but 315 is mind blowing !!.
    I must admit even though I have multiple copies if I see them in Charity Shops I do tend to buy them, even though I know I have to many at 4 etc, is that how you get to such a figure ?.
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  8. Ok. start with vinyl. I have at least one copy of every album, sometimes two or three. Add in the compilations and double albums for YESTERDAY ONCE MORE and LIVE IN JAPAN, and we're at 43 before we even look at CDs.

    Next I bought every CD that A&M issued in the 80s, including compilations and videos. Next we get to the 1998 remasters, and again, I have every one. Now start looking at big compilations like ANTHOLOGY from Japan of which I have both versions - and those are 4 CDs each. Then there's the box sets like the COLLECTION from the UK, the big Japanese 35th Anniversary, CHRONICLES, Japanese SACDs, LPCDs - it all adds up really quickly.
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  9. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    I must have around 70 vinyl myself around 40 U.K. And 30 Japan , 2 complete compact disc collections boxes ( 1 binder - number 16 and 1 x 12" cd boxed set ) so that's 26 , readers digest 4 LP boxed set and the brown coloured one from the 70s. I'd say 90 - 100 myself and I thought that was a lot. 315 !! , man that's massive dedication!.
    I may be wrong in my calculations but I'll get a proper figure when I get a chance to count as spread over two places.
  10. Using Harry's way of counting (and including the solo releases)...

    12 vinyl LP's
    21 7" singles
    100 CD albums
    50 CD singles
    4 DVDs
  11. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    I'm glad I raised this question. My partner and myself have been trying to remember from memory what I have and we get around 98 - 100

    2 Cd boxed sets 26
    Gold Cd DVD boxed set x 2 versions 5
    2 vinyl boxed sets 8
    Single or double LP records Eng/Jap 57

    No CD singles or 45 singles
  12. A&M Retro

    A&M Retro Well-Known Member

    Ok, I know I have numerous (and I do mean numerous) copies of each LP and 45. My nephew counted 29 copies of the 'Ticket To Ride' LP a few years ago. Yes, pretty freakish.

    I'm 55 now and have been collecting since I could earn a random buck or two as an 8 year old. Obviously, it always went to records. I started collecting all of the label variations as I'd come across them. Then, I'd buy it again if it was unique or in better shape than the last one I'd found. Got many of them at pretty cheap prices, but it's rare that I pick up anything now unless it's pure mint or sealed. I have (on average) 8-10 copies of each early domestic title. That includes WLP, etc. Plus, I've managed to find the LPs with (I think) all of the hype stickers attached to the plastic.

    OCD at its finest, but still fun. :)
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  13. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Harry, I easily understand your collection. As mentioned many moons ago I've collected upwards of 50 HORIZON Lps alone. You're 315 sounds perfectly logical.
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  14. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    OH you mean discs by any artists!?! I was thinking just Carps.
    BTW- djn, as one of the few with a photo avatar, I have to say your expression always makes me smile.
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  15. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    50 copies of Horizon!, can I ask what made you buy 50?, is it you see it and just can't let it stay in the rack or something?. I really find that a lot to take in and am trying to get my head around that one?. Do you buy each and every release from America , Germany , USA , Japan or just 50 of the same album?. That really is interesting I'd love to know please enlighten me a little if you could?. Do you have a deep connection with that album especially and every time you see it buy it?. The closest I have come to anything like that is when I see A Song for You I think to myself maybe that sounds slightly better than the 4 I have then i think it must be the same so let it go. My mum though is very similar in that she will buy numerous copies of the same LP!, I have asked her and she says she doesn't know why she does it!. For example recently when counting her full LP record collection I noticed she had 13 copies of Abba "Arrival" .
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  16. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    The thread is about Carpenters only , not full LP collections. Thanks sorry if I confused anyone.
  17. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    An artistic brainchild to have a wall treatment gone awry. That was the impetus. Plus the cover most resembles Karen as I met her. Add o.c.d. and voila!
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  18. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    How very kind thank you.
  19. Wayne Crozier

    Wayne Crozier Active Member Thread Starter

    Interesting that , sort of repetitive image like the Warhol Monroe pop art perhaps?.
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  20. Murray

    Murray Well-Known Member

    I just finished counting my Carpenters LPs and CDs. I have a total of 105.

    I think I need to step up my game! :laugh:
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  21. Slacker!
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  22. Song4uman

    Song4uman Active Member

    I'll have to count. The good thing about this thread, my wife will be pleased to see that there are several people with many more lps and cds than I have.
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  23. CraigGA

    CraigGA Well-Known Member

    I think I have about 116 just counting in my head. I wish I had the Sweet Memory collection. If the USA had what Japan has been gifted with over the years I would have more. I only have a few imports and two LP’s and one CD were gifts! Somehow, I missed the Sweet Memory set when it was new. I think I’m one of the few who love, love, love, the Remastered Classics!! I am glad I broke down and bought them when they were new. I lived in Atlanta then and they were easy to find. It seems after the first batch were gone the stores never reordered them. My hometown never had them. I envy Harry’s collection! Chris May showed his collection online once and I’m sure he has all the goodies too! Even though I envy them, I am more happy for them and thankful they share what they hear through this site and that is what it’s all about! Sometimes, with this site I still feel like a 14 year old kid giddy with glee!
  24. I started collecting in 2006 when I was 14, now I'm 25 Years, And I think my collection just started compared to the crazy amounts from above hahaha

    101 Cd Albums, Box and Singles.
    15 Vinyl LP's
    4 DVD's

    I do not know why, but my favorite is the 6cd "Sweet Memory" collection, I think it's the combination of its good sound, with the beautiful covers in Acuarela, and the mini lp of "Horizon", "Live in Japan", "Live in Palladium" and "Carpenters"
  25. theninjarabbit

    theninjarabbit Well-Known Member

    My collection is humbly small. You wonderful folks probably have my lifetime or more ahead of me in terms of collecting. :D Still, it is not the magnitude of stuff that bonds us- it is a strong, mutual love of our favorite duo.

    I have GOLD, "The Nation's Favourites", and "A Song for You" on cd. I have at least one of every studio album, except for "Lovelines", on vinyl ("Offering" and "Ticket to Ride" included; have two copies of "Close to You" and "Carpenters"). I also have "Live in Japan 1974" and "Live at the Palladium". 45s up to "There's A Kind of Hush"- I'm still proud that I found most of them with their sleeves. "Lovelines" and "Old Fashioned Christmas" I actually obtained cassettes of.

    In terms of DVDs, I have the official "Gold:Greatest Hits" and "Christmas Memories: Carpenters"- and two "unofficial" discs. One is "In Performance 1972" and the other is some "Legends In Concert". No idea where they came from.

    Perhaps one of the prides of my collection is the Reader's Digest set that I got from @djn. Got my money's worth playing the devil outta that remixed, DJ-delete "Now and Then" medley.
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