I need help to identify an 80’s samba song


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Hello All
Aprox 30 years ago (1987) I got an audio tape (cassette) in Brazil with beautiful samba music . Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the group or the name of any of the songs.

Since I still remember the melodies , I used a midi sequencer to record the notes of one of the tunes I remember very well.

Here is the link :

I apologize for the bad music quality of my piano recording (I am not a musician) .

Your help will be highly appreciated


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I forgot to say I lost the tape about 25 years ago and I have been seeking for that music since then. I just came up with the idea of recording the melody (as I remember it).

Mike Blakesley

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Hmmm, well, having heard quite a few bossa-nova tunes over the years, I can honestly say I don't recognize that melody at all. But there are a lot of guys n gals around here way more expert than me, so... hopefully somebody will recognize it and chime in.


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As a self confessed expert on bossa nova, I cannot identify this. It's an interesting complex tune. If I had to assign a song title to it, I would call it "Memórias Da Coruja".
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