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In concert: Deodato

Discussion in 'Look Around: Sergio Mendes/Brazilian Music Forum' started by Aqua do Brasil, Jul 6, 2003.

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  1. Aqua do Brasil

    Aqua do Brasil Member Thread Starter

    In one of my former posts i mentioned the recording SUDDENLY by
    The Great BRAZILIAN Keyboardist and Arranger DEODATO and CAROL ROGERS on vocals.

    Coming saturday the 12th. of july 2003 DEODATO will again perform at

    I saw his perforance last year at THE NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL,
    and what a performance it was!
    Wonderful American/Brazilian jazz/bossa/rock/fusion.

    With, Bruce Gatewood a huge guitarist 7 feet, played funky and a showmaster conga player Geraldo Valdez (played with Jimi HendriX).
    One outstanding Argentian reed and saxophone player and on orchestral keyboards: Oscar Feldman, one funky bass player and a pulsating drummer in the drivers seat.

    Marvelous, marvelous!
    The best performance i ever sawed and heard in the last years!


    Aqua do Brasil
  2. Brasil_Nut

    Brasil_Nut Active Member Moderator

    Having always been a fan of Deodato, I especially love his collaboration with Stanley Turrentine and Astrud Gilberto. I grabbed this 1971 Verve recording the moment it was released on CD...I had just about played my Lp copy to death! Some great arrangements there!! He really had a way with Astrud, a vocalist who shines when given the right material.


    ...hoping that if Aqua makes it to the concert, he enjoys himself, online...

  3. Aqua do Brasil

    Aqua do Brasil Member Thread Starter

    Sure Jon,
    i agree with you. I also played my LP copy till death and
    the CD version up till now many many times.
    And you must believe me, his concert performance is incredable like his recordings.
    Deodato did a great job with Astrud Gilberto but also with Marcos Valle, the great Brazilian composer/guitarist.

    He played and arranged on several of Marco Valle's albums especially his well knowned Verve album Samba '68'.

    Deodato arranged /and played amongst others on recordings by:
    Frank Sinatra, Kool and the Gang, Ithamara Koorax, Chuck Mangione(former A&M recording artist), the much missed late Brazilian composer Luis Bonfa, Wanda de Sah ( former Brasil '65 singer and wive of Edu Lobo)
    Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind And Fire the great Antonio Carlos Jobim and his follower; singer/songwriter Michael Franks.

    Deodato works at the start of his career with Dom Um Romao
    and the much missed late Rubens Bassini who played with Deodato in
    his touring band at the end of his life. B.T.W. the last job from Rubens Bassini was with Dave Grusin (on records and touring).


    Deodato never worked with Sergio. That would have been a great combination!

    All the best,
    Aqua do Brasil
  4. Brasil_Nut

    Brasil_Nut Active Member Moderator

    Hi Sjef!

    Indeed, Deodato covered a lot of ground, didn't he? I've had Samba '68 for many years -- my Father owned a reel-to-reel copy and played it often. Years later, I bought a vinyl copy and played it to death. Astrud's Turrentime album was critically acclaimed, and rightfully so. It's masterful. Great thing about Deodato is that he works so well with other musicians. What he creates is magic.

    Agreed about Sergio and Deodato...what a magical combination that would make!! With Sergio revisiting days of old on stage, the addition of Deodato would, indeed, add a wonderful dimension to his sound.

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