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"INeedToBeInLove", Mr.Hammond & LATPalladium C

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I love "I Need To Be In Love". If you know how Richard and John wrote this beautiful song with Albert Hammond, please let me know.

Happy Birthday to Albert! (May the 18th)


Chris May

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My understanding is that Albert Hammond was the one who came up with the title "I Need To Be In Love", but Richard and John wrote the body of the song. I don't remember how Albert Hammond was connected to them however. Hope this helps! -Chris


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Thanks, Chris.

Mr. Hammond came up with the title, didn't he?

When I received the email that I had received a reply from A&M Corner,
I was reading NEWSLETTER #48 May,1976.
EV wrote:
The new album "A Kind of Hush" will be released June 11th.
Karen's lilting voice accompanying Richard's superb arrangements is
masterpiece. Every song is a winner, but my favor is "I Need To Be In Love".
composed by Richard and John Bettis, and was released as a single May

Richard & Karen worked on the new album until 3:00 a.m. the morning of
their departure for Japan.

Richard & Karen recorded AKOH, and came to Japan.
When the Carpenters played at Budokan, I enjoyed their concert twice.
I had a seat 2nd row once, but in front of speaker.

I remember Grease and
Strike Up The Band / S'Wonderful / Fascinatin' Rythm
(Like Live At The Palladium).
I love her vocal and drumming!

Although it swerves from the talk, recently I noticed that my LATP CD
only shows the titles form Flat Baroque to Warsaw Concerto at my computer.
My CD was in the box set(White), and the number is D300Y3243-11.
I would like to ask to fans who have LATP CD.
Does your CD show all the songs?



I Recall Richard Explaining Albert Hammond and John Bettis had Linked up for Songwriting in 1975 , Possibly While Karen was Still Recovering from Exhaustion and Richard took a Break.... :confused:

Bettis and Hammond Started on I Need with a Few Lyrics / Music , But Nothing was Gelling.Both took their ideas to Richard , who Completed the Memorable Melody and Suggested Themes of Regret / Lost Love to Bettis.

The Result is One of Carpenter / Bettis Finest Songs , Carpenters Classic and Enduring Song ...Richard Performs I Need as Live Favourite in All His Concerts and As Richard Stated at TOTW Benefit , USA #25 Chart Placing was a Mystery to Carpenters , Happily 1996 Japanese #1 Has Restored this Composition to Consistently Successful Level :)

Two Versions of I Need that Really Should be Issued Would be Carpenters 1976 Live Tour Version and Above All , Karen's Most Moving TV Vocal from 1978 UK Forsyth Show....Unbelievable Performance :D

I Need is My All Time Personal Favourite:cool:

Peter....I Need To Be.......


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Thank you very much. I am very glad to clear a question in many years.
And I am also glad that INTBIL is your All Time Personal Favourite.

Unfortunately I have not listened to Karen singing INTBIL at their concerts.
But last year I watched the live version video for the first time. It was
the live of 1976. Richard explained that BBC taped it on New London Theatre(SP?).

Rosina wrote in Newsletter #63 January, 1979:

The songs Karen sang on Bruce's show were: 'Mr. Postman". "I Need To Be In
Love" and 'Merry Christmas Darling", plus a duet with Bruce: "White
Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland". Jeff Wesley was engaged to take over for
Richard on the keyboards. The show was aired on Christmas Eve which must
have made our English fans very happy.

Was Bruce's show Forsyth Show?
I wish I watched Forsyth Show someday!

In the TV program Richard sung "Together At Christmas".
Richard performed the song in the Top of the World Fundraiser, didn't he?
I read that second Top of the World Fundraiser
at The Richard and Karen Carpenter Perfoming Arts Center on March the 20th next year in Japanese.
But I cannot find the information on the page of Carpenter Perfoming Arts Center.
Do you know about the second fundraiser?



Suraka :

Yes Bruce Forsyth Show from Christmas 1978 is the same TV show
-one to see both for Karen's stunning performances and a very rare non-appearance by Richard :o

Richard could issue BBC 1976 I Need ...for Fans , clearly regards this version highly as shown to large Japanese Audience last year ....you were the lucky one's :)

Richard's Together ....was performed by Richard & Musicians at TOTW 2003 , excellent Lead Vocal from Richard ....and terrific song .....look forward to this release later this year :)



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Thank you for your message.
Yes, we Japanese were very lucky that we watched Karen & Richard on TV.
You may not know we wished we could see BBC TWO program.
Would you tell me about the second program this year?

Thanks again for you to begin new topic of Top of the World Fundraiser.

looking forward to reading the review next year.
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