J & K - Stonebone: Record Store Day LP, and now available in digital format *

I went on the Record Store Day site yesterday and they're now saying it will be released October 24. I'll be waiting... Last year I was record shopping in Phoenix, and when the guy in the store noticed I was after A&M/CTI product he told me about the Tamba 4 album, which I had no idea about. I was able to order one the next week.
Since Universal apparently released California Soul digitally just over half a year after its vinyl release, I'm betting they do the same with Stonebone.
We're now a month away from Oct. 24th. I just contacted Target and all they could or would do was cancel my order which has been in limbo since the "interruption".

Does anyone know of a way to get this Record Store Day release without actually going to a record store? I have nothing resembling a record store here in Central Florida and is the reason I was happy to order it from Target.
Try Hot Tracks Music Store out of Michigan. They are a vinyl only on line seller. They seem to get all the new releases. I get about 2 emails a day from them. I don’t see what you’re looking for listed yet. Worth a try though. Lots and lots of imports and colored vinyl too. Hope they can help you.
There will be plenty on Discogs once Record Store Day hits. This certainly isn't a title that is going to sell out in minutes. Outside of some A&M and CTi fans, nobody else has ever heard of it, and many won't buy vinyl anymore.

I am unsure what to do--being a Universal release, the pressing quality will likely be utter garbage, so do I fight with the retailer and exchange until I get a clean copy, or just buy a few and sell the worse copy/copies off? Since the Tamba 4 came out digitally so soon after, I may decide to buy just one copy of the vinyl and have the digital version as the one I play most of the time.

I like how the Tamba 4 was licensed by a smaller label. The pressing still isn't all that great, but it's way better than the trash Universal presses.
Some guy on eBay is listing a STONEBONE LP as an RSD pre-sale. He wants $89.

I'm certain that better deals will hit Discogs on or after 10/24.
Without a doubt. This is a $15-$20 record, and it's not all that popular of a title--there won't be a mad rush to buy this title like all the rock and indie titles, or a jazz title like the Bill Evans (which do sell out quickly--they're reissuing a past RSD title this year since the first run a couple of years ago sold out so quickly). My buddy said he'd pick one up for me at the store he visits, but really, I'm on the fence about buying anything on vinyl from Universal since their pressing quality is historically so poor--they are motivated by the bean counters, and it's evident that the lowest bid wins the pressing job. I'd gladly have paid $5 more for this title if a reputable pressing plant like QRP or RTI (or even Pallas) produced it.

A third party label licensed the Tamba 4 title, so they were able to have it mastered by Kevin Gray and pressed most likely at RTI. But since the Tamba 4 was out digitally after six or seven months' time, I would bet J&K's album does the same. I may decide to wait it out. Waiting a year to get a digital version isn't going to kill me--I've gone all my life without it and never missed it. 😉

I'll probably wait a few weeks for a Discogs listing, as the hype of RSD may keep initial prices higher. But as the dealers sit on these for weeks and inventory isn't moving, they'll drop prices. eBay of course will be top-gouge. Our nearby store isn't the lowest price around unless they're also running a sale during RSD (which they have done in the past). But at least I know I'd get one.
Someone on Ebay's asking $89 for a preorder of the STONEBONE reissue with no additional shipping charge. Seems a tad pricey but might be worthwhile to someone depending on circumstances.

I feel it'll be readily available on Discogs for a fair price the day it is released--rare as it is, it's not a popular title like the typical bottom scrapings that are sold during RSD. The big jazz title of the day will be the Bill Evans "lost sessions" album, reissued for 2020 since it sold out so quickly during RSD a couple of years ago.

And I'm thinking the J&K will get a digital release several months later, like what happened with the Tamba 4 record. (And I would hope that this time, they don't substitute the cover art on the digital release like they did with Tamba 4.)
The first ones are showing up today on Discogs - all from France and Italy. It must've gotten a slightly earlier release over there. Ebay has one from Latvia.
Oh jeez, yeah, I forgot about it. My pal Ken said he'd pick one up for me when he goes to RSD on Saturday, but I'm still on the fence.
These started showing up on Discogs for $18 or so, with prices going up a dollar or two beyond that. In the past half hour, ten more were listed. Plenty out there.
That color reminds me of the red that Fantasy used on their 50s mono records.
Glad you finally got it Harry😅. I just ordered mine on EBay. $24 with shipping. Not bad. Hope it’s great!!!!!!
Mine's not here yet. But it's ordered. That picture is from Discogs.
I hope that when the digital release comes out, they don't change the cover art like they did with Tamba 4. But that was a different circumstance, as the album art never existed up until it was released last year. This cover was created 50 years ago.
I think the big ticket price for the original will come down a lot now, at least for a year or so anyway. This reissue is limited too, so it will go back up eventually.
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