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Jann Arden talks about Karen in interview


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At the 7:50 mark the portion begins.....

She's been a huge fan of both Karen AND Anne Murray but credits Karen as getting her into music or Karen's version of SOLITAIRE of getting her into music...which is why she covered it in one of her albums, as well on many of her Albums she credits Karen....which is how I got to discover her around 1993 or 1994 when I lived in Regina, Sk....I was volunteering at a nursing home named Regina Luthern Nursing Home....and a nurse/aide knew I was a huge Karen fan and she told me about this Jann who dedicated her album to Karen....wherever she was....


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It’s not often we get a new tidbit of information. Thanks for posting it. It is a very nice interview and the interviewer kept it interesting and established a flowing dialog for all who took part. Segments of it had to be scripted to weave into the different segments with smooth transitions.


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What a great interview. I listened the whole way through. She seems like a lovely and grateful human being.

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Jann Arden into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame at the Juno Awards this March!!! Congrats Jann!!

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I've been listening to Jann Arden since 1996 when I first heard her voice on the hit single, Insensitive that played in the movie, Bed of Roses with Christian Slater. It's amazing how a singer can affect you with one song. I went to buy the soundtrack to the movie only to find that song wasn't even on it which led me into finding out more about her as an artist. I now have all her albums.

Although she's pretty funny, her music is very serious and I guess for the same reason I'm drawn to the sadness in Karen's interpretation, Jann has that same quality in the undertones of her lyrics and song. She's an introspective songwriter and her writing is something I can relate to.

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