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January 2017 Remembrances

Discussion in 'A Small Circle of Friends: The Music Forum' started by Rudy, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Rudy

    Rudy ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Site Admin Thread Starter

    R.I.P. notices for January are posted below.
  2. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Singer Peter Sarstedt ("Where Do You Go (My Lovely)?" as well as "You Are My Life" (also done by Herb Alpert on the 1969 album "The Brass Are Comin'") has died of progressive supranuclear palsy at 75 years old. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  3. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Singer Maggie Roche (from the New Jersey girl trio The Roches) has died of cancer at 65 years old. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  4. Sad to hear of this. I remember a great "buzz" about the first WB album called THE ROCHES. Our corporate programming guy was eager to get a copy and give it a listen. He was a big "folkie" type and loved it when folk-type artists crossed over into the mainstream.

    I managed to grab a copy too, took it home, gave it a listen, and then filed it away.

    A few years later, I revisited it and found it way more pleasing, particularly "The Hammond Song". All of the tracks on the album were recorded live in studio.

    Maggie Roche had an amazing deep voice, essentially handling the bass for the trio. I nevere explored further, but sometime in the last year or two, I did a pretty decent needledrop of the album.

    RIP Maggie Roche
  5. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Drummer Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers Band has died at 69 years old. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  6. Captain Bacardi

    Captain Bacardi Well-Known Member Moderator

    He's also the uncle of Derek Trucks of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.
  7. LPJim

    LPJim Well-Known Member Moderator

    Drummer Mike Kellie, member of A&M label artists Spooky Tooth, has passed away at 69. He was a prolific sessions player.

    Mike Kellie - Wikipedia »

  8. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Butch committed suicide (shot in the head).:wtf::sad: Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  9. AM Matt

    AM Matt Well-Known Member

    Singer John Wetton (King Crimson & Asia) has died of cancer at 67 years old. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
  10. Here's an absolutely flawless live version of "Hammond Song"


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