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Japanese Compilation Albums


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I was just very lucky. My first album was Live In Japan. I heard it on a radio station in San Francisco area first. I asked the fan club how to get it, and they said send all your college tuition money to King Records in Japan. Lol
That was 1976. Then I left school and went to work in a local record shop. I met a Japanese importer at the monthly Capital Record swaps around 1979, and he could get pretty much anything I could afford.....that lasted until 1990, when we closed. Then I have a friend that lives there and could get records and CDs from him. Then EBay and Amazon came along, and pretty much everything new and old is available some time or another. The Yen used to be so much more valuable than the dollar until the late 90’s, I believe. So it was, and still is very expensive to buy imports from there. The shipping is really high too, because of the pandemic. Several sellers or vendors won’t even ship to the USA at all now. It’s sad. I’m still waiting for a cd I bought on Amazon in late July. I think they’re waiting for the whales to migrate, to send it here.....


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I bought something from Japan on another site, and the seller refused to send it to the USA. Said he would hold on to it until it was convenient to mail. I didn’t pay under those conditions. My cd thru Amazon should be here by the end of the month they said. Hope your poster shows up soon too.
It will be worth it though. I got as many of them as I could find and some were in like-new shape. My main goal was to find every single remix as I am a recording engineer and love to compare the different mixes. I think I have all of them and this site is the best place to be if you're missing anything. I have that Mook also and I wish there was a way to have it translated. It was worth the price just for the pictures. That is where you can see everything Yuko collected up until the year of the release of that book. I have like three or four box-sets in vinyl including the original Anthology. It's hours of fun when you have all those treasures from the past. Good Luck in your search!


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Thank you! A tip to translate it while reading is the google translate app! You can scan the page with text and it translates in your own language! I mostly use it for those great booklets included in the most japanese albums.

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