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Arte was also in 2 episodes of "The Partridge Family" including when he painted the garage door (when The Partridges sang "Last Night" at a club) & it was an almost naked lady!! Arte Johnson - Wikipedia Arte reprised the "Laugh In" role in the 1978 - 1979 NBC cartoon "Baggy Pants & The Nitwits" & also played a cartoon shark in "Misterjaw" in 1976 - 1977 also on NBC during the Pink Panther shows. Matt Clark Sanford, MI


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Before 1958, the world outside Brazil associated Brazilian music with Carmen Miranda. That all changed post 1958 with Joao Gilberto, truly the Father of Bossa Nova. Gilberto's soft way of singing and revolutionary style on the acoustic guitar shook the musical world. He also influenced all Brazilian music post '58, as Brazilian pop music giants such as Veloso, Gil, Ben, Lyra etc. all say it was due to the sounds of Bossa Nova that they got into the musical field. As the say the rest is history. Music is never static--ever changing. There was the loud and aggressive sounds of Rock. We all know that loud and aggressive music ultimately won out world-wide. However for me, Bossa Nova will always be my personal musical champion.


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After a few minor roles, Denise Nickerson, as a child actress, was cast in the gothic soap opera, DARK SHADOWS. She started out as the little sister of the Jennings brothers. Tom Jennings was a vampire while Chris Jennings was a werewolf. Her character Amy was brought into the story as a playmate for young David Collins at the start of the Quentin Collins story.

Later, as the series flashed back to the 1800s, she played the role of Nora Collins.


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Jack Traylor, a songwriter associated with Jefferson Starship who recorded with his own band Steelwind on their RCA subsidiary label Grunt, has also passed away. "Flowers of the Night" on the BARON VON TOLBOOTH AND THE CHROME NUN album (Paul Kanter, Grace Slick & David Frieberg) is a noteworthy composition. Condolences appear on his Facebook page.

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