July 2021 In Memoriam


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Dusty Hill (bass) of Z.Z. Top has passed away today 7-28-2021 at age 72.

Mr Bill

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My mistake, Ron Popeil was 86 years old.

From 1991 to about 1995 I worked for a video post production house in Culver City where Ron Popeil edited his infomercials. He was always a hoot to work with! My main work with him was recording his voice track for the slates with the 1-800 numbers. His voice was pretty inconsistent in loudness and timbre, so often multiple takes were required. I remember one time he was getting frustrated and it was getting close to bank closing time, and he snapped, "Come on! I have to deposit this check before the bank closes!" And he shoved a check in my face and the editor's face. It was a hand-written check for more than $100,000 signed by Sam Walton (who died only a few weeks after this happened) for the purchase of lord knows how many of Ron Popeil's Food Dehydrators, the very product we were making the infomercial for!

--Mr. Bill
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