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Just released on SACD: Carpenters - Gold


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Hong Kong Universal Music just released "Carpenters - Gold" on SACD. Below link is to HK Universal's own online shop:

Gold (SACD) (日本壓碟)

However, as stated, the SACD is only for the HK and Macau markets. I have seen it available on ebay already.

The SACD is pressed in Japan (by Sony).


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Does anyone know if this is an SACD Stereo or Surround Sound compilation? Because Jambalaya, Solitaire and I Need To Be In Love were not released on the original Singles 1969-1981 SACD.


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I'm pretty sure this is just a stereo release, and that it's the same masters used in that part of the world for some other GOLD releases: XRCD, K2HD, and the ever popular LPCD45II.

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^^Well it’s better to see them in the news with some kind of release than to never hear from them again...If this is a true SACD either stereo or surround I’d buy it. I’m really looking forward to what the 50th brings better start savings your money now...As long as the words Universal and vinyl are not part of it, I’m in.
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