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Karen Carpenter Solo Sessions

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Does Anyone Know who wrote the songs to the unreleased tracks from Karens Solo Sessions with Phil Ramone in New York?

I think "I Do It For Your Love" was written by Paul Simon

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Good question, Did Billy Joel write any of these songs?

Wasn't the band that she used someone's famous in the record industry?

I still wish Richard or Phil would work with these left over tracks & polish them up, They seem to be in really great shape & vocally Karen is there, it's not missing any words & she doesn't stop & start again or forget any words. How incredible could these sound with Richard's vocals overdubbing in the background? I say it would be very cool.

So it seems to me they would be perfect working material for Richard or Phil to work with....say a title like....Karen Carpenter Solo Sessions 2?

Am I wishful thinking? :wink:


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Well, thank goodness this site steered me in the direction of the HOUSE OF GOOFUS before it closed. I owe it to Harry's helpful hints that I was fprtunate enough to "get" the unreleased solo recordings before they disappeared off Donald's old site. What a cool find...

All things Karen,



TTBOMK, the songwriters and publishers of Karen's outtakes are--
  • I Love Makin' Love To You
    (Richard Germinaro, Evie Sands, Ben Weisman) Big Cigar Music/ Embassy Music Corp./ EMI Sosaha Music, Inc./ Forty West Music Corp. (BMI)
  • Don't Try To Win Me Back Again
    (Gordon Grody, Carlotta McKee) Kee of C Music/ World Song Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)
  • Something's Missing (In My Life)
    (Jay Asher, Paul Jabara) Management Three Music/ Olga Music (BMI)
  • Keep My Lovelight Burnin'
    (Evie Sands, Benjamin Weisman) EMI Jemaxal Music, Inc./ R.L. August Music (ASCAP)
  • Midnight Never Lets Me Down
    (Rod Temperton) Rodsongs[?] (ASCAP)
  • Jimmy Mack
    (Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland) Stone Agate Music (BMI)
  • I Do It For Your Love
    (Paul Simon) Paul Simon Music (BMI)
  • Truly You
    don't know the songwriter(s) & publisher(s)
  • It's Really You
    not certain: (Tom Snow, Trevor Spencer, Alan Tarney) EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./ Snow Music/ Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI)
(A compilation of some of their lyrics is at this link.)

My thanks, also, to Donald and the other fans who made those audio files available for a time. :)


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Thanks for the thorough research Dan. That answers a lot of questions. You can be sure I'll be hanging onto this info.

...who still has a printout of Dan's thorough review of these tracks from Ran's old board, online...

Rick-An Ordinary Fool

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I didnt know that the actual title track was called

Midnight Never Lets Me Down

I just thought it was called Midnight. LOL

...who still thinks Richard or Phil should clean these up & release them, online...


Most of the information I could find on those songs came from ASCAP and BMI's databases. The rest I got after searching the web to try to confirm whether the songwriter and the song matched up correctly. Not easy to do especially when a title is very general-sounding, like the last two. IIRC, "Midnight" had a zillion entries but only one that included "Midnight Never Lets Me Down". So I supposed that had to be it. :) Would be a lot more helpful if those databases also supplied one or two lyrics-excerpts in the search results. In the case of outtakes like Karen's, if you don't have an idea who the songwriter is to begin with, you can't know which result is right just by looking at the database list. I reckon Richard has all the correct information somewhere--but as we all know, he ain't talkin' (or, rather, releasin').:|

...boring everyone with boring research stuff, online

(BTW, great pic there of ONJ and KC, Chris. Haven't seen that one before.)

Rick-An Ordinary Fool

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Thanks Dan about the pic, it's a timeless photo indeed.

Appreciate you taking the time to research that info on the lost solo sessions. It's good to have.

..who thinks, Truly You is an amazing unfinished track, Truly amazing...


Richard has Mentioned that He Really wants to Work on / Complete
Something's Missing Karen Solo Outtake :)

Could be a Surprise Later this Year ? But More Likely Richard will Release some More Carpenters Rarities in 2004 ( 35th Anniversary) and Possibly Something and Other Solo Outtakes as well ? :o

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